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Gilmore Girls Season 1

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45 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Oct 05, 2000

After Rory is accepted at Chilton, an extremely prestigious and expensive prep school, Lorelai's difficulty in raisin... read more

The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton
36 votes
1x02 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton aired Oct 12, 2000

Lorelai oversleeps on Rory's first day at Chilton, and discovers that all her good clothes are at the cleaners. She t... read more

Kill Me Now
32 votes
1x03 Kill Me Now aired Oct 19, 2000

When Rory announces at Friday night dinner that she has to pick a team sport to play at Chilton, Emily insists that R... read more

The Deer Hunters
30 votes
1x04 The Deer Hunters aired Oct 26, 2000

Max Medina gives Rory the first ""D"" of her life on an English paper. Paris taunts her non-stop about being a failur... read more

Cinnamon's Wake
30 votes
1x05 Cinnamon's Wake aired Nov 02, 2000

During their weekly dinner at Emily's, Lorelai learns of her cousin Claudia's funeral, but as she didn't know the wom... read more

Rory's Birthday Parties
27 votes
1x06 Rory's Birthday Parties aired Nov 09, 2000

It's Rory's birthday, and her grandmother and mother each plan a party representative of their respective styles; Emi... read more

Kiss and Tell
27 votes
1x07 Kiss and Tell aired Nov 16, 2000

Dean gives Rory her first kiss; fearful of her mother's disapproval, Rory decides not to tell Lorelai for a little wh... read more

Love and War and Snow
26 votes
1x08 Love and War and Snow aired Dec 14, 2000

The first snow of the season falls heavily, stranding Rory at Emily and Richard's house and their cook at home, leavi... read more

Rory's Dance
28 votes
1x09 Rory's Dance aired Dec 20, 2000

During dinner at her mother's, Lorelai finds out that not only is there a formal dance at Chilton, but that Rory does... read more

Forgiveness and Stuff
27 votes
1x10 Forgiveness and Stuff aired Dec 21, 2000

Things are still chilly between Rory and Lorelai; Lane gives Rory advice about the right Christmas gift for Dean; Em... read more

Paris is Burning
26 votes
1x11 Paris is Burning aired Jan 11, 2001

As Lorelai and Max grow closer, Rory begins to get attached to the idea of Max in their lives, which freaks Lorelai o... read more

Double Date
26 votes
1x12 Double Date aired Jan 18, 2001

From the WB Media Site: ""After Lorelai encourages Sookie to ask out her produce man, Jackson, she soon finds herself... read more

Concert Interruptus
26 votes
1x13 Concert Interruptus aired Feb 15, 2001

Lorelai organizes the Stars Hollow Charity Rummage Sale and buys a sweatshirt donated by Luke. When she wears it into... read more

That Damn Donna Reed
28 votes
1x14 That Damn Donna Reed aired Feb 22, 2001

An evening of ""The Donna Reed Show"" reruns infects Dean and both Gilmore Girls -- Dean expresses a longing for the... read more

Christopher Returns
31 votes
1x15 Christopher Returns aired Mar 01, 2001

Wanting to play a greater role in Rory's life, Christopher settles in for his visit and lets Rory give him the grand ... read more

Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
28 votes
1x16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers aired Mar 08, 2001

Luke's ex-girlfriend Rachel arrives in Stars Hollow unexpectedly, and immediately picks up on the attraction between ... read more

The Breakup, Part 2
26 votes
1x17 The Breakup, Part 2 aired Mar 15, 2001

Rory decides to engage in a flurry of activity to avoid thinking about Dean, despite Lorelai's advice to wallow; Lore... read more

The Third Lorelai
25 votes
1x18 The Third Lorelai aired Mar 22, 2001

Emily becomes unhinged at the prospect of a visit from Richard's mother Trix; Paris is outraged when she discovers th... read more

Emily In Wonderland
25 votes
1x19 Emily In Wonderland aired Apr 26, 2001

Rachel finds an abandoned inn that Lorelai and Sookie fall in love with; Lorelai and Rachel spend the afternoon getti... read more

P.S. I Lo...
24 votes
1x20 P.S. I Lo... aired May 03, 2001

Lorelai helps Luke shop for a birthday present for Rachel and goes wild outfitting him with a new wardrobe; overwhelm... read more

Love, Daisies and Troubadours
29 votes
1x21 Love, Daisies and Troubadours aired May 10, 2001

Paris wreaks her revenge after Tristan lies about going to a concert with Rory; Rachel leaves Stars Hollow after she ... read more


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