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Harsh Realm Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Oct 09, 1999

After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas F. Hobbes is ready to settle down with his fiance, Sophie. However the military has one last assigne... read more

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1x02 Leviathan aired Oct 16, 1999

As Hobbes comes to grips with the reality of his situation, Mike Pinocchio is lured into a trap by a mercenary bounty hunter. Aided by the mute Florence, Hob... read more

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1x03 Inga Fossa aired Oct 23, 1999

Sophie continues to look into Hobbes' death by following Inga Fossa into a run down military installation where Inga Fossa uses a portal to move back to Hars... read more

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1x04 Kein Ausgang aired Apr 15, 2000

Whilst driving through the countryside in search of a soldier who may hold the key to defeating Santiago, Hobbes and Pinocchio unexpectedly travel through a ... read more

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1x05 Reunion aired Apr 22, 2000

Captured and pressed into a work camp in Harsh Realm, Hobbs and Pinocchio meet a VC of Hobbs' dying mother and try to rescue her and escape without getting r... read more

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1x06 Three Percenters aired Apr 29, 2000

On a mission to recover supplies from a lost squad of Santiago's soldiers - and with Waters and the Republican Guard hot on their heels - Hobbes encounters t... read more

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1x07 Manus Domini aired May 06, 2000

Florence takes off to warn her people - The Sisters, a religious order of healers - that Santiago's Republican Guard is approaching. Hobbs and Pinocchio foll... read more

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1x08 Cincinnati aired May 13, 2000

An insurgent American Indian Movement seeks to defeat and capture Santiago in Cincinnati. Santiago hunts their leader in retaliation, while Inga continues to... read more

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1x09 Camera Obscura aired May 20, 2000

In Harsh Realm's version of a post-apocalyptic New York City, warring families hire Hobbs and Pinocchio as mercenaries. Their destinies appear to be controll... read more


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