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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

The Doctor looks and seems human. He's handsome, witty, and could be mistaken for just another man in the street. But the Doctor is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living - more of a hobby actually, and he's very, very good at it. He's saved us from alien menaces and evil from before time began - but just who is he?

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1x01 Rose
aired Mar 26, 2005


BertDenolf (Jul 16, 2017)

It's a girl!

FromAMadWorld (Apr 16, 2017)

@benzos I don't know, I'd personally watch from season 1 =)

RyoCaliente (Feb 10, 2017)

Last updated yesterday but still no Doctor Mysterio?

Cynka (Dec 26, 2016)

@b0sse exactly, that's what I'm talking about...

b0sse (Dec 26, 2016)

@Cynka It's the xmas special. it should be under "specials" but its not :(

Cynka (Dec 26, 2016)

Meh, guys, yesterday was new episode. "The Return of Doctor Mysterio". Check this, please.

KPND (Nov 07, 2016)

Why is the spinoff show Class still not on here?

asmirp (Oct 25, 2015)

@Astinus I started using TV Maze, its great too and the information about TV Shows is pretty much accurate, really a life saver...

Astinus (Oct 24, 2015)

@asmirp I've been using and it helps, at least until we get FMTV back.

rickhyland (Oct 14, 2015)

@ShirEPanjshir thanks for the insight, at least we know now. I was worried we were about to see the end of!

asmirp (Oct 05, 2015)

Any alternative to FMTV until the API has been fixed?

ShirEPanjshir (Oct 05, 2015)

Don't expect the new episodes to show up any time soon. The API where all of's data comes from ( has been down for nearly a month now. So I'm expecting it to be gone for good. This means that won't be receiving any new data (thus episode updates) until either comes back online or the developers have integrated a new API.

TheRippersKite (Oct 04, 2015)

update !

metin67 (Oct 04, 2015)

update please

emonquente (Oct 04, 2015)

M'kay, just re-watch everything of the 2005 show and it is official, The Twlevth Doctor's debut "Breath Deep" Is absolutely, without a doubt, the single worst episode of Doctor who there is. Quite possibly the worst of all time, because the fact that it is stupid and bad is pretty much the least of its problems.

That said, series 7 is much better in retrospect, all the hype and wanting it to be something it could never have been and all gone -- pretty solid really. Series 8 is still not possible to re-watch for me...pretty crap right now, but I'm still pretty miffed so we'll see.

Doctor Who literally cannot have a single canon tho, so I'ma taking it is as my personal canon that episode 8x1 simply does not exist. Because it shouldn't, it makes no sense, it violates every single character outright. Just, no . . . man. Just no.

mrVazil (Aug 12, 2015)

It would be nice if the specials had summary's so I knew which ones are part of the series story and which ones are stand alone :/

emonquente (Oct 19, 2014)

@Artifex yeah, it was definitely solid, but this week's was better I think, best in two seasons I think.

Artifex (Oct 15, 2014)

Season 8's episode 8 is the first good episode this entire season. The most logically sound episode and therefore the most fun to watch. The others didn't make sense. I know Doctor Who isn't supposed to be 100% logical, but the plot needs to make sense, otherwise it's just bad writing. Filling every plothole with Deus Ex Machina's doesn't help.

emonquente (Oct 05, 2014)

8x7 was good, 'til that bit at the end, but hey. this season is shaping up to be pretty average on the balance, with that one truly atrocious episode buried.

Honestly, I think this would be a lot better if I just went back to only watching shows every few seasons, that way I can watch two or more in a binge and the flaws of individual episodes are less. . .painful. Because, individually, a lot of Doctor Who (most of it really) isn't great, but it blends together well.

We'll see how this one is after we have the whole thing, but I'm fairly sure that, again, on balance, it's better than last season.

emonquente (Sep 14, 2014)

@Jos it's not, both are guilty of setting weird, uneven tones, artificially 'enhancing' pace (often in the wrong areas) and ultimately emphasizing an effect that ruins the excitement curve. In 80 minutes (as this special/premier was) you can, and pretty much should, stick pretty close to the traditional curve ( almost perfectly exemplified in Star Wars, but of course elsewhere) -- especially useful for introducing new character (a new doctor). That episode had a curve much more like one of a particular guard encounter in a sneaking game, if you immediately got caught and tried to run teh whole level from there without hiding. Worse still, assume the narrative tried to continue during all this, even if it were a slow and contemplative narrative, amidst a hail of bullet, shouts, alarms, and flashing lights (which the episode all but had really).

The excitement curve is all kinds of wrong, and the camera work, lighting, and -everything- went in towards making that a reality. As an individual element the lighting was -fine-, but it was used wrong, which made it bad.

That said, I've never really studied film or anything, maybe my experience is objectively wrong by our standards, my subjective view remains the same -- this was my experience, and these are the best words I have to describe that experience.

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  • Premiered Mar 26, 2005
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, Science-Fiction
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Network BBC One
  • Runtime 45 minutes
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