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The state of, past, present and future.

By Lemon - Nov 24, 2013

First of all, thank you for all the users that still use up to today! I love how active the users are in our community. would never existed without our awesome users. And a special thanks to all of the users that donated, without you guys/girls would not be possible to maintain. And I'm grateful for having built a website that is used by 10s of thousands users worldwide daily.

Second, and the most important thing, we as the staff of have to say 3 important words to our users "We are sorry". We are sorry for being inactive this long, we are sorry for features that were promised but never came, we are sorry for not answering support tickets in time.

Now that those are out of the way, lets explain what is going on with, what the future holds and what the reality is. was founded 3 years ago as a side project by Jasper and me, we had big dreams, dreams like "We will have 1 million users", "I hope we can work for full time", "I hope becomes profitable enough for us to hire additional staff". None of these dreams came true so far, but I still dream of at least making one of those dreams reality.

Currently the state of is that we are in a hibernation state, the website is working stable, we are still growing daily with an average of 30 signups / day with over 30% active users. We have awesome crew members that moderate and add content daily. But all of this is overshadowed by the fact that our core developers are not developing any new features or are very slow in answering support tickets. Ofcourse this is unacceptable and I hope we can change this in the future.

Of course we do not do this by choice but the sad fact is, we just don't have enough free time to assign to to handle all of the feature requests and/or support tickets. We both have full time day jobs, we both have relationships, we both have a lot of other responsibilities that are more important that started as a side project and is still a side project.

The last update to was almost 2 years ago, but we have been doing a lot of development since then. Currently runs on an older version of the CakePHP framework, the moment CakePHP 2.x came out we started re building from the ground up resulting in a much more stable and faster website. This development project has been going on for over a year now and we are close but not close enough to release it to production. This is the reason why there are no features being released to the live website because we would have to build them twice, for the old site and the new site.

One of the biggest requests is the API and the mobile application. I have been working on the API for over a year now and it is complete for about 75%. But due to lacking free time to work on it, it has been delayed immensely. We were also working on a complete new redesign of the website which we scrapped for now because that was going to take too much time to complete now. All in all, the new version of is very close to be finished but not yet. Its the last push and testing phase that is taking a lot of time, and currently we both have almost zero time to commit to

Financially is costing us a considerate amount monthly to keep it in the air, the combination of ads and donations is just not bringing enough cash in to cover all the costs, let alone hiring software developers to develop for us.

How does the future of look like?

This is unclear, one thing I'm completely 100% sure off though, will keep existing as long as I'm existing. Its my biggest software passion and will always be my biggest passion. Some things have to change though, our crew has to be more active. I personally vouch that once I'm settled in in my new home (I'm in the middle of moving to a different country) I will make more free time to work on

We will also start looking for extra developers / designer within our community that share our passion and want to help out and want the opportunity to make better.

If you are a software developer with a lot of experience in CakePHP (or PHP in general) or if you are an awesome UI designer, please drop us an email on

I hope you (the awesome user) accept my apology, and I hope you will keep using our website and have the patience. We really appreciate every one of you that use our website daily, weekly or just once.

Cheers, Jelle


camthehawk (Dec 11, 2013)

With no clear marketing strategies, external ads or a mobile platform (which would increase your brand exposure altogether) you guys have done phenomenal and I would like to applaud you for that. I genuinely believe that the “dreams” you speak of are not out of reach in any way. I am unaware of your working backgrounds (i.e. the positions you hold with your respective companies) but can clearly see that you guys are strong technologically but perhaps not as well versed on the business side of things. With a few, rather minor, changes and a defined monetization strategy you guys can turn this around in a major way.

mfts (Dec 11, 2013)

Side project or not. I love the website! It gives me exactly what I need. A mobile app would be nice to have but really not a requirement as the website is flawless.
I love the work you are doing. Please do keep it up, I am a loyal supporter!

claraoswald (Dec 09, 2013)

Franky, I could do without the new features. I recently started on this site, but I like how it already is. Thank you so much for keeping it alive all these years and best of luck! Here's another subscriber who isn't going anywhere anytime soon... Cheers!

minijoe (Dec 09, 2013)

Desde el primer día que me enamoré de, para mi imprescindible, no hay día que no la consulte.

Agradecer a todo el mundo que la hace posible.

Un Saludo!!

thomasdm (Dec 08, 2013)

Alleszins al bedankt, ben er al van ongeveer het begin bij en gebruik het, zonder te overdrijven, dagelijks!

unnanego (Dec 08, 2013)

The project is awsome! You should kickstarter it - donations work per project, not on a regular basis =) Thanks for the great work!
P.S. I think it's ideal - does it really have to change?

tomke009 (Dec 06, 2013)

Handigste website ooit. Zeker als je van de ene show naar de andere hopt.

mirunaakamiru (Dec 06, 2013)

I love this website and i just want to thank everyone who has been working to make it happen.

Dualdevil (Dec 05, 2013)

This is an amazing website which offers a great service! Thank you!

alossforbears (Dec 05, 2013)

Honestly don't even mind not having these new features. This website is amazing as it is and I'm more than thankful for everything I can get out of it. If I can get more, sure, I'll be happy about it, but the administration should never think that they have to apologize when they're offering such good service for free - We should all be reminded that you only donate if you want, and you can still use the website if you don't.

Stay strong, crew! We're all supporting you here!

generator (Dec 05, 2013)

@Lemon You guys are very cool! ;)

Lemon (Dec 04, 2013)

@generator We believe in a good user experience as the biggest factor. Placing ads might reduce that experience to our users. We hope that donations will eventually cover our costs :)

vincentvega (Dec 04, 2013)

What letterboxd is for movies, is this site for TV shows.
Thanks for everything.

koffev3 (Dec 04, 2013)

Thx for keeping this great website alive. It has been one of the most usefull sites ive been using over the past 2-3 years.
U guys deserve more!
Much appriciation from Belgium.

Melissav (Dec 03, 2013)

Dit is echt een superhandige website, die ik echt niet kan missen :) Hoe kan ik anders al mijn series bijhouden?!
Keep up doing the good work!

generator (Dec 03, 2013)

Thanks for your work from Germany!

You wrote:
"Financially is costing us a considerate amount monthly to keep it in the air, the combination of ads and donations [...]"

But there are NO ads ;) I would be totally fine with some AdSense ads!

jorio (Dec 03, 2013)

A big thanks from me too guys.I found this awesome website a few months back and i join daily to check my tv series uptime.Keep up the good work!

rocksuarez (Dec 02, 2013)

THANK YOU from México !!!

3214001 (Dec 01, 2013)

I hereby offer you my sincere support from the Netherlands! I use your website on a weekly basis and like the way it makes knowing 'where I am' in a tv-series much easier. Thanks!

Cadiuro (Dec 01, 2013)

You know guys, I can live with the "no new updates until we find the time to finish them". As long as the site is working stable, I'm happy. It brings me so much comfort.

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