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gublah (Nov 29, 2022)

Hi, Lemon! The runtime of Dr. Death is missing :( Is it possible to fix it, please?

allandanton (Nov 16, 2022)

Highway Thru Hell looks good now. Thank you. And good to hear about the special episodes in Doctor Who that there are plans to import them in the future, too :-)

Lemon (Nov 16, 2022)

@WeirdFi Currently, we are not importing special episodes. I'm still working on the new version of our importer code that will re-add all missing specials for all episodes

Lemon (Nov 16, 2022)

@allandanton Looks like that show was marked as pending review due to an upstream API error. I re-queued an import and should do a fresh import shortly!

WeirdFi (Nov 13, 2022)

Hi Lemon, not sure what's wrong with the import of Doctor Who, it's been checked in the last 24hrs yet s13 last three specials haven't appeared? Any help appreciated. Or if @Fish can help

allandanton (Nov 09, 2022)

Hi Lemon, can you take a look at The new season started at the end of september but the new episodes do not show and the last import is from September 11th. Thanks.

Bristow (Sep 23, 2022)

@Lemon thanks u!

Lemon (Sep 23, 2022)

@Bristow, hmm looks like that thetvdb id is linked to

Bristow (Sep 21, 2022)

Can you tell me whichbis the name of this show here in followmytv?

I cannot find it :(


jayvie (Jul 01, 2021)

@lemon Op welke manier kan ik helpen shows toevoegen en dergelijke? Laatste tijd zijn er veel ontbrekend jammer genoeg. Contributes duren 2 weken of langer voor ze approved worden etc...

zdlr (Jun 25, 2021)

Having trouble contributing new shows as they keep getting auto rejected due to no IMDb ID. Same thing as @Bristow.

Bristow (Jun 24, 2021)

I cannot find this show:
Maybe it has another name here?? Anybody knows?

jayvie (Jun 14, 2021)

Missing lots of new shows :(

ForgotMyLines (Jun 10, 2021)

@Bristow Oh I see. That only works now and then, I do try that.

jayvie (Jun 09, 2021)

@Bristow Same problem here

Bristow (Jun 08, 2021)

@ForgotMyLines i just created a new request with the same information and it worked :/

ForgotMyLines (Jun 08, 2021)

@Bristow What do you mean/how did you "retire" it?

Bristow (Jun 08, 2021)

Weird thing guys, I retried it today and it works :s
Indeed, they are pending of approval now.

Bristow (Jun 06, 2021)

Hi @lemon
I've tried to add some tv shows but the system is rejecting my request because they don't have an IMDB link, but that is not true. These are the shows: your-eternity

and also, I have other pending requests, could you validate them?


jayvie (May 28, 2021)

Geen idee of mijn vorige comment doorgekomen is, maar als je hulp nodig hebt om shows te adden of whatever... Let me know ;)
Mijn favoriete tracker, en ben hier al eeuwen lid, dus...

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