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Importer now understand foreign languages!

By Lemon - Feb 25, 2024

A short update today :-)

Ive made some improvements to our data importer today. It now understands the native language of TV shows. If a show is aired originally in Belgium or Spain, it will take the Dutch and Spanish episode titles and descriptions.

In total we've added about 50000 additional episode descriptions and updates over 4000 shows with their correct localized episode titles!

Let me know if you see any shows that are still missing some translated episodes titles! Feel free to share them as a comment to this blog post.


Lemon (Mar 11, 2024)

@Denk, @Fish: I'm working on an fix for the non-latin script shows to show them in English instead.

Denk (Mar 04, 2024)

Currently watching Jujutsu Kaisen and the titles are not in English. I vote for readable English titles.

Fish (Feb 25, 2024)

@Lemon Maybe it's better to keep all the text 'readable' for us an not show other writing systems or alphabets?

Lemon (Feb 25, 2024)

@Fish currently itโ€™s making Japanese shows be logographic letters. I noticed this with a couple shows today. Should we keep those as English?

Something I want to implement next is also an option to shows the English version by default for the user if itโ€™s available for the shows

Fish (Feb 25, 2024)

Is this for all native languages in a Latin script? So not for Japanese or Russian text?
Will English be the default if it's avalable?

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