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Caprica - 1x01 Pilot


Two men from different worlds are drawn together when a suicide bombing claims the lives of their daughters. One is Joseph Adams, a lawyer from the poor Tauron colony who hides his ethnic background in a racially tense environment and also lost his wife to the terrorist attack, leaving him to raise his young son alone. The other is Daniel Graystone, a rich and brilliant scientist native to the industrious planet Caprica who discovers that his daughter's consciousness lives on in an online avatar she made before her death. Initially united in grief, the two maybe driven apart by how far Graystone goes to return his daughter to the world.


josbeir (Jan 23, 2010)

alhoewel da ik het wel lame vind omdat ge eigenlijk al weet wat er gaat gebeuren...

Lemon (Jan 23, 2010)

Just seen it too, looks promising

josbeir (Jan 23, 2010)

saw this already in pre-air.. pretty good pilot!!

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  • Aired Apr 22, 2009
  • Episode 1x01
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