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Community - 5x02 Introduction to Teaching

Introduction to Teaching

Jeff settles into a new job at Greendale and adjusts to the expectations of being on staff - Professor Hickey shows him the ropes and shares some pointers on how to manage unruly and demanding students. Meanwhile, Abed convinces the study group to take a new class, "Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad," with Professor Garrity.


Baltimore (Jul 17, 2014)

I don't like this season :(

Bonermaster (Jan 19, 2014)

@kakature yeah the abed part was overdone, liked the rest of the episode though

RexRobben (Jan 12, 2014)

Yes! This is Community at its best...

zed (Jan 05, 2014)

@kakature I hardly ever like Abed for some reason. But kept wondering how many takes he needed to freak out in that classroom in front of everyone. They could probably fill a half hour blooper episode with those.

kakature (Jan 05, 2014)

Hated Abed in this one, I liked the first episode more!

TiagoSantos (Jan 04, 2014)

Way better then the first episode.

StevieG (Jan 04, 2014)

Fresh start :)

meerareed (Jan 04, 2014)

Thank god it's better!

GuillaumeVMaele (Jan 03, 2014)

This is awesome! 'Et tu, Brute?' hahaha

furbul (Jan 03, 2014)

My thoughts are French.

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