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The Walking Dead - 6x16 Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

In the aftermath of a tragic blow, Eugene falls captured by Dwight, a member of the Saviors, whom are hell bent on getting even with Alexandria, Negan teaches Rick and co a brutal lesson, which shows that Rick and co finally have something to fear.


dreamtolove (Aug 21, 2016)

I'm already bored by Negan.

ForgotMyLines (Jul 31, 2016)

The episode was a slow Burner, don't really care about the Carol and Morgan bits.

All the Negan section was fantastic. Some people could find it a bit stretched out, but the tension and the performance was thrilling. I knew they would end it like that, so prepared myself for it. I think it was a good way to end a Season.

Dukz (May 12, 2016)

Well, this season was utterly boring apart from one episode that I liked, but I did enjoy Negan's introduction (though I still don't like the actor choice). This is the good type of cliffhanger!

As for who got bashed and died... I'm really, truly hoping that they'd follow the comics and SHOW SPOILER If not, then I'd absolutely love to see SHOW SPOILER Since I've been waiting and hoping for that ever since the introduction, and now would be optimal time to do so. But I'm worried they won't do anything 'shocking' and they'll just kill SHOW SPOILER

meerareed (Apr 12, 2016)

@m4t4 He said he was going to bash someone's head in and kill them as an example, the pov person gets their head hit in an audible sound of brain matter multiple times, the showrunners have confirmed someone will die :)

m4t4 (Apr 11, 2016)

i thought it was just a beating with no casualties

Foaman (Apr 08, 2016)

In the comics it was SHOW SPOILER who got killed by Negan but the show writers have been known to deviate a ton from the comics especially when it comes to who dies and when so it might as well be Daryl since he doesn't exist in the comics anyways and they have been giving him important lines from other main characters so that he would remain relevant to the story ..

In a perfect world it would be Aaron but maybe they put him in that scene to throw us off from thinking a main character would die .. In any case, I just hope it isn't Daryl, he is the only male character I can really tolerate on the show ..

Tali (Apr 07, 2016)

@makthemak I don't trust them at this point. They said major characters will die and most of the time it was someone rather unimportant.
Glenn had so many 'will he die?!' moments in this season that I probably won't care as much as I think I should. If Daryl dies...well, let's just say I won't be pleased...

makthemak (Apr 07, 2016)

@Tali your guesses make sense, but unfortunately, the producers leaked that the person who died was "dear to the fans" :( i really hope it wasn't glenn or daryl

Tali (Apr 06, 2016)

My guesses in that order:


One of those 5 didn't make it - I rule out all of the women, Rick and Carl.
Most clues in that episode point to Eugene but it could be a red herring. Glenn is obviously a runner-up for that position. Daryl because it would hurt so bad and he has a new tv show? Abraham because why not (I wouldn't do it if I was Negan because he looks strong...same goes for Daryl). And finally Aaron if they don't want to hurt any viewer's feelings...tho I would be hurt lol.

marja (Apr 06, 2016)

@m4t4 Pretty sure it wasn't Carl

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