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Angel - 1x17 Eternity


Wesley and Angel endure a painful experience: attending Cordelia's first stage appearance. As they stretch the truth to spare potential hurt feelings, Cordelia spots Oliver Simon, a top talent agent, and one of his clients, Rebecca Lowell, a former soap opera star, leaving a paparazzi-filled event. While Cordelia lists the many accomplishments of Rebecca Lowell, Angel notices Rebecca is in apparent danger and rescues her from an ongoing car. The next day, Rebecca pays a visit to AI and tells Angel she is being stalked by a celebrity fan. She asks Angel for his help, but he turns down the case. Wesley deduces Angel has feelings for Rebecca and has rejected the case to prevent himself from obtaining the true happiness that would unlease his evil vampire within. Cordelia is beside herself with disappointment, after all, this Rebecca woman could be a serious networking opportunity! Later that evening, Rebecca has a gathering. As she ascends the stairs she hears noises. Angel bursts in and


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  • Aired Apr 04, 2000
  • Episode 1x17
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