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Angel - 1x18 Five by Five

Five by Five

Angel and Wesley catch, find and convert a prime witness that is involved in a case against Wolfram & Hart. Knowing that Angel is behind the reappearance of the witness that foiled a major case, W&H are ready for payback. Enter Faith. Seems she's had enough of Sunnydale and is searching for darker pastures. Not five minutes off the Greyhound and the rouge Slayer knocks out a lecherous man and takes his wallet and keys. With some cash and a place to stay, the sky's the limit. We're taken back to Romania, circa 1898, as Angel's past is revealed. We see the transformation of Angelus to Angel as his soul is restored by a gypsy. And we see the pain Angel first endures as he now feels the 140 or so years of killing and is now neither part of the vampire nor the human world. The evil folks at Wolfram & Hart find Faith and commence hiring her to do away with their nemesis, Angel. It's obviously no problem for her. She immediately attempts to shoot our hero in public with a crossbow, but Angel


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  • Aired Apr 25, 2000
  • Episode 1x18
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