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Beverly Hills, 90210 - 2x09 Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

The Walshes sign up for a neighborhood security patrol, but can't figure out how to work the alarm system. A wealthy African American family moves into the neighborhood. Brandon befriends freshman Robbie (who tries out for Blaze staff photographer), but gets into a car accident with his sister Charise. Charise commutes to her old school because she thinks that West Beverly is full of snobs. While Charise is having dinner with Brandon, her boyfriend Devo tries to visit her house and bring her flowers. He is harassed and beaten by the security patrol for no reason. Brandon wants to write a story about the incident, but initially receives little cooperation from Devo, Robbie and Charise. Music: "These Are the People in Your Neighborhood" (from Sesame Street), sung by Jason Priestley; "All Right Now" (Free - #4, 1970), performed by high school band


nellswell (Apr 06, 2013)


Another episode that's SO very dull, I forgot it even existed until I just rated it here (and not only did I watch the episode live, I've owned Season 2 on DVD for years). Talk about forgettable!

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  • Aired Sep 19, 1991
  • Episode 2x09
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