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Beverly Hills, 90210 - 2x10 Necessity Is a Mother

Necessity Is a Mother

Dylan cannot stand the fact that his free-spirited mother, Iris, has moved in with him. He begins drinking, skips school, and spends all of his time at a pool hall. Brenda resents Iris for abandoning Dylan as a child, and for trying to step in and control his every move. Cindy, however, forms a bond with Iris and joins her for a number of new-age experiences. Brandon tries to watch over Dylan, who loses a lot of money in a pool game and is beaten when he can't pay off the debt. Although she wants to be a part of her son's life, Iris realizes that her presence is only hurting Dylan. She decides to return to Hawaii, and sets up a trust fund for Dylan with money Jack had once paid her to stay away. Brandon takes Dylan to an AA meeting. After Donna displays a knack for picking stocks in an economics assignment, Steve talks her into investing in the market with him. Music: "Mother-in-Law" by Ernie K-Doe (#1, 1961); "Born Under a Bad Sign" by Albert King


nellswell (Apr 06, 2013)

1/2 a star

Dylan playing pool? Iris bonding with CIndy?! Speaking of Cindy -- I think I've finally found an episode that makes her Mental Affair with John Carter look entertaining! No wonder I blocked this one from my memory!

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  • Aired Sep 26, 1991
  • Episode 2x10
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