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The X-Files - 4x22 Elegy


After a man sees a woman trapped inside a bowling alley pin setter, he goes for help and finds police standing next to a body of the same woman. Mulder and Scully join the investigation and follow up this lead which the police won't bother with, and they are led to a mentally challenged man who works at the bowling alley.


ander (May 12, 2023)

Yet another piece of evidence towards Anderson being the one truly excellent actor on the show.

Harold is a good spot role and it doesn't feel like they sensationalize his neurodivergence. His relationship with Angie, the bowling alley owner, is so heartfelt! A bowling alley is a fun setting too.

TDH1879 (Aug 20, 2019)

So good because it's so strange.

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  • Aired May 04, 1997
  • Episode 4x22
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