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The X-Files - 5x09 Schizogeny


A therapist working with children from abusive families is found to be implanting them with the memories of her own abuse suffered at the hands of her late father, when one of her patients tries to kill his stepfather.


ander (Sep 06, 2023)

I'm fine with dumb and silly episodes—tend to prefer them even—but this one is predictable in plot details the second they interview the villain and the sci-fi conceit of living trees isn't that creative. worst of all it's a lot of after-school special type teen drama stuff that the episode THEN goes on to state it always just kids wishing they were victims of abuse and using that excuse to get away with stuff, which...gross!

TDH1879 (Aug 25, 2019)

Nothing spectacular, but that's fine.

mauricioqq (Dec 29, 2015)

Katharine Isabelle <3

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  • Aired Jan 11, 1998
  • Episode 5x09
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