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Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 1

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1x01 One aired Sep 30, 2001

Goren and Eames are called in when a jewelry heist leaves behind three bodies. After ruling out mafia involvement, th... read more

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1x02 Art aired Oct 07, 2001

When a museum curator and an art authenticator are found dead in what was set up to look like a murder-suicide, Goren... read more

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1x03 Smothered aired Oct 14, 2001

After the body of Lois Romney is found in a hotel room, Goren and Eames link her to Dale Van Acker, a junkie and the ... read more

The Faithful
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1x04 The Faithful aired Oct 17, 2001

Goren and Eames investigate the death of church sexton Morris Abernathy but soon find their chief suspect, Kevin Dono... read more

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1x05 Jones aired Oct 21, 2001

The detectives become suspicious when an abusive lawyer's girlfriends keep turning up dead, but his wife stonewalls t... read more

The Extra Man
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1x06 The Extra Man aired Oct 28, 2001

When a European con man is found beaten to death, the detectives look for the investors he swindled, learning quickly... read more

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1x07 Poison aired Nov 11, 2001

The detectives investigate a murderer who poisons hospital victims with cyanide. They suspect a nurse whose profile i... read more

The Pardoner's Tale
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1x08 The Pardoner's Tale aired Nov 18, 2001

The deaths of a reporter and his fiancée, gunned down on orders, leads the detectives to investigate political briber... read more

The Good Doctor
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1x09 The Good Doctor aired Nov 25, 2001

A plastic surgeon reports his drug-abusing wife missing, and ends up being the prime suspect after detectives learn h... read more

Enemy Within
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1x10 Enemy Within aired Dec 09, 2001

The death of an eccentric banker in his nintieth floor apartment leads the detectives to investigate his professional... read more

The Third Horseman
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1x11 The Third Horseman aired Jan 06, 2002

The killing of an abortion doctor who was shot in his own apartment sends the detectives on a search for the sniper b... read more

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1x12 Crazy aired Jan 13, 2002

A psychiatrist who provides expert testimony at criminal trials lays down an insanity defense to hide his obsession f... read more

The Insider
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1x13 The Insider aired Jan 27, 2002

When the father of a young woman who has been out all night clubbing is found dead in his boat house, Goren and Eames... read more

Homo Homini Lupus
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1x14 Homo Homini Lupus aired Mar 03, 2002

When an business executive's wife and two daughters are kidnapped for a loanshark because the loan hasn't been paid o... read more

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1x15 Semi-Professional aired Mar 10, 2002

The detectives investigate the murder of a judge's clerk, with their attention initially going to the judge himself, ... read more

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1x16 Phantom aired Mar 17, 2002

The detectives investigate a slain bank robber and check out his sister, who is involved with a bogus United Nations ... read more

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1x17 Seizure aired Mar 31, 2002

When the body of a bisexual young woman is found slain, Goren and Eames note the similarities between her death and a... read more

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1x18 Yesterday aired Apr 14, 2002

When the well-preserved body of a woman tortured and murdered twenty years earlier appears on the banks of the Bronx ... read more

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1x19 Maledictus aired Apr 21, 2002

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a Russian mob princess, initially believing she may have been slain in a re... read more

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1x20 Badge aired Apr 28, 2002

When the murder of a city auditor and his family seems too perfect, Goren and Eames turn their attention towards law ... read more

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1x21 Faith aired Apr 28, 2002

When a wealthy publisher is murdered to prevent him from exposing an elaborate confidence game that enveloped him, hi... read more

Tuxedo Hill
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1x22 Tuxedo Hill aired May 10, 2002

When Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a man linked to a corporate finance officer, they uncover a stock mani... read more


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