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Mad Men Season 1

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
172 votes
1x01 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes aired Jul 19, 2007

It's March 1960. Don Draper, a high-level advertising executive at the Sterling Cooper agency in New York City, struggles to find ideas to keep an account fo... read more

Ladies Room
150 votes
1x02 Ladies Room aired Jul 26, 2007

Don continues to conceal his increasingly complicated personal life, even in the face of Roger Sterling's invitation to open up. Meanwhile, Peggy pines for t... read more

Marriage of Figaro
138 votes
1x03 Marriage of Figaro aired Aug 02, 2007

Pete returns from his honeymoon, excited about his new marriage, but conflicted about his past encounter with Peggy. Don's business relationship with Rachel ... read more

New Amsterdam
135 votes
1x04 New Amsterdam aired Aug 09, 2007

Pete faces pressure from his wife regarding a new apartment. He also further alienates Don and almost loses his job at Sterling Cooper by pitching his own co... read more

125 votes
1x05 5G aired Aug 16, 2007

After Don wins an award and has his photo featured in Advertising Age, he must deal with his younger brother coming back into his life. Ken gets a short stor... read more

121 votes
1x06 Babylon aired Aug 23, 2007

On Mother's Day morning, Don recalls the birth of his brother, Adam. Roger tries to convince Joan to get her own apartment so they don't have to meet in hote... read more

Red in the Face
117 votes
1x07 Red in the Face aired Aug 30, 2007

Roger joins Don for an evening of dinner and drinking, during which Roger makes a pass at Betty, causing a rift in their friendship. The agency prepares for ... read more

The Hobo Code
117 votes
1x08 The Hobo Code aired Sep 06, 2007

As Peggy's ad copy proves to be successful, her relationship with Pete becomes more complicated. Don spends the evening with Midge and her Bohemian friends. ... read more

117 votes
1x09 Shoot aired Sep 13, 2007

McCann Erickson, a larger ad agency, tries to hire Don. They offer Betty a modeling job as a part of their attempt to lure him. Pete devises a strategy to he... read more

Long Weekend
121 votes
1x10 Long Weekend aired Sep 27, 2007

Betty is unhappy about spending the Labor Day weekend with her father's new girlfriend. After Sterling Cooper loses the Dr. Scholl's account, Roger attempts ... read more

Indian Summer
118 votes
1x11 Indian Summer aired Oct 04, 2007

It's October.Don's brother commits suicide. Peggy's work writing copy for a weight-loss device that is better at providing sexual stimulation earns her a rai... read more

Nixon vs. Kennedy
128 votes
1x12 Nixon vs. Kennedy aired Oct 11, 2007

The Sterling Cooper staff pulls an all-nighter watching 1960 Nixon-Kennedy election results. An ambitious Pete discovers that Don's real name is Dick Whitman... read more

The Wheel
130 votes
1x13 The Wheel aired Oct 18, 2007

Betty discovers her friend's husband has been having an affair, leading her to re-evaluate her own marriage. Pete brings in a big account through his father-... read more


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