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Millennium Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Oct 26, 1996

After ten years as an FBI profiler, Frank Black relocates from Washington to his hometown Seattle with his wife, Cath... read more

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1x02 Gehenna aired Nov 02, 1996

When human ashes are found in a local park, Frank Black joins an investigation that leads to a cult that kills it's u... read more

Dead Letters
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1x03 Dead Letters aired Nov 09, 1996

Against the initial resistance of the Group, Frank travels to Portland, Oregon, to investigate a murder at an animal ... read more

The Judge
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1x04 The Judge aired Nov 16, 1996

When Annie Tisman opens a parcel containing a human tongue, Bob Bletcher asks Frank Black for help. This is the fourt... read more

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1x05 522666 aired Nov 23, 1996

Frank and Peter assist an FBI investigation when a mad bomber terrorizes Washington, D.C, by blowing up buildings the... read more

Kingdom Come
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1x06 Kingdom Come aired Nov 30, 1996

A desperate man sets out on a killing spree taking revenge on the holy men that he believes have led him to stray. Fr... read more

Blood Relatives
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1x07 Blood Relatives aired Dec 07, 1996

A juvenile delinquent begins taking advantage of families grieving the loss of a loved one with the support of a sadi... read more

The Well-Worn Lock
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1x08 The Well-Worn Lock aired Dec 21, 1996

Catherine aids a woman who has been sexually abused by her father for twenty-three years. Catherine however finds it ... read more

Wide Open
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1x09 Wide Open aired Jan 04, 1997

A young girl whose parents were brutally murdered becomes the last hope in finding a killer. So Catherine encourages ... read more

The Wild and the Innocent
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1x10 The Wild and the Innocent aired Jan 11, 1997

Frank searches for answers when a couple kidnap a killer-in-hiding and engage in their own murder spree. Frank must t... read more

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1x11 Weeds aired Jan 25, 1997

Frank pursues a killer who kidnaps teenagers from an upper middle-class neighborhood and forces them to drink human b... read more

Loin Like a Hunting Flame
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1x12 Loin Like a Hunting Flame aired Feb 01, 1997

A pharmacist drugs unsuspecting couples and forces them to enact his sexual fantasies that he cannot carry out with h... read more

Force Majeure
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1x13 Force Majeure aired Feb 08, 1997

The Millennium Group investigates the suicides of identical twin girls born seven years apart. They soon find out tha... read more

The Thin White Line
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1x14 The Thin White Line aired Feb 15, 1997

When Frank links two seemingly unrelated murders he finds that a killer seems to be committing murders in the exact s... read more

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1x15 Sacrament aired Feb 22, 1997

Frank Black's private and professional lives clash when his sister-in-law is abducted by a convicted sex offender at ... read more

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1x16 Covenant aired Mar 22, 1997

A man confesses to murdering his family, but Frank doesn't believe him. read more

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1x17 Walkabout aired Mar 29, 1997

Franks wakes up in an alley with both memory loss and the strange feeling that someone was murdered. read more

Lamentation (1)
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1x18 Lamentation (1) aired Apr 19, 1997

Frank investigates the disappearance of a former nemesis, Dr. Ephraim Fabricant, and learns that his family may be th... read more

Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions (2)
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1x19 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions (2) aired Apr 26, 1997

Frank and Peter investigate a series of Satanic murders and get caught in a battle between good and evil. read more

Broken World
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1x20 Broken World aired May 03, 1997

Frank tries to stop a killer of horses before he escalates. read more

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1x21 Maranatha aired May 10, 1997

Frank and Peter track a Russian killer with links to Chernobyl. They discover that he might be the Antichrist. read more

Paper Dove (1)
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1x22 Paper Dove (1) aired May 17, 1997

Frank is asked by Catherine's father to investigate a case involving a friend whose son has been convicted of murder,... read more


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