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NewsRadio Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Mar 22, 1995

On his first day as WNYX's news director, Dave finds that he must fire his predecessor.

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1x02 Inappropriate aired Mar 29, 1995

Dave and Lisa's disagreement over how to respond to an on-air gaffe by Matthew leads to a romantic encounter and the start of a secret office relationship. G... read more

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1x03 Smoking aired Apr 05, 1995

To get Bill to comply with a new no-smoking ordinance, Dave agrees to give up drinking coffee.

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1x04 The Crisis aired Apr 12, 1995

Dave's first news crisis is compounded when everyone learns he bought Matthew a new desk.

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1x05 Big Day aired Apr 19, 1995

The staff unwittingly confide in Dave their expectations for their annual bonus, not knowing that Jimmy has delegated the task to Dave.

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1x06 Luncheon at the Waldorf aired May 03, 1995

When Bill asks Beth to a fancy luncheon, everyone suspects his motives. Dave questions the staff's spendthrift ways.

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1x07 Sweeps Week aired May 10, 1995

Dave's ex-girlfriend from Wisconsin arrives for a visit, under the assumption that they are still dating, and proceeds to make Lisa nervous. Guest stars Jane... read more


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