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Supernatural Season 1

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88 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 13, 2005

Sam, a soon-to-be college graduate, has an interview set up to attend one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. His brother Dean, whom he has n... read more

85 votes
1x02 Wendigo aired Sep 20, 2005

Sam and Dean head to Colorado to check out the coordinates that their father left them in his journal. When they arrive, they pose as park rangers to investi... read more

Dead in the Water
83 votes
1x03 Dead in the Water aired Sep 27, 2005

Dean comes across an article about a mysterious drowning. Sam and Dean soon find that several people have drowned in the same lake, but bodies were never fou... read more

Phantom Traveler
80 votes
1x04 Phantom Traveler aired Oct 04, 2005

Sam and Dean are called in to investigate a mysterious airplane crash, and soon realize that a demon was responsible. It intends to eliminate the survivors o... read more

Bloody Mary
77 votes
1x05 Bloody Mary aired Oct 11, 2005

Sam and Dean hear about a man who died of a stroke while in front of a mirror. After visiting the family and interviewing the man's two daughters, the brothe... read more

80 votes
1x06 Skin aired Oct 18, 2005

One of Sam's friends, Zach, is accused of murder, and Sam offers to help him by checking up on his younger sister, Rebecca. While visiting her, Rebecca convi... read more

Hook Man
79 votes
1x07 Hook Man aired Oct 25, 2005

The brothers come across a girl whose boyfriend fell victim of the Hook Man. It's up to Sam and Dean to destroy the ghost's bones before she and her father b... read more

77 votes
1x08 Bugs aired Nov 08, 2005

A gas & power worker is killed when insects burrow themselves into his brain and consume it. Sam and Dean research the history of the new housing development... read more

83 votes
1x09 Home aired Nov 15, 2005

Sam continues to have haunting dreams and convinces Dean to return home for the first time. There, the brothers have to deal with painful memories, but their... read more

78 votes
1x10 Asylum aired Nov 22, 2005

Sam and Dean travel to an abandoned sanitarium where they find that the patients once revolted against cruel and unusual punishments given to them by the hea... read more

69 votes
1x11 Scarecrow aired Jan 10, 2006

Sam and Dean part ways when Sam insists on ignoring John's orders and tracking down Jessica's killer. Dean travels to a town that's hiding a dark secret abou... read more

73 votes
1x12 Faith aired Jan 17, 2006

During a fight with a hobgoblin, Dean is electrocuted, causing deadly damage to his heart. Sam tries to find a way to save Dean, and comes across a preacher ... read more

Route 666
70 votes
1x13 Route 666 aired Jan 31, 2006

Dean and Sam travel to Missouri after Cassie, one of Dean's ex-girlfriends, calls him to investigate two racially motivated murders. They find that each murd... read more

68 votes
1x14 Nightmare aired Feb 07, 2006

Sam has a premonition about a man's death that is staged to look like a suicide. Once Sam convinces Dean to investigate the case, they are puzzled when they ... read more

The Benders
73 votes
1x15 The Benders aired Feb 14, 2006

Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanish into thin air. Shortly after arriving, Sam is targeted by the same abductor, and Dean... read more

73 votes
1x16 Shadow aired Feb 28, 2006

While following a lead concerning a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam reunites with Meg. Sam suspects it's more than a coincidence, and Meg soon ambushes Sam ... read more

Hell House
71 votes
1x17 Hell House aired Mar 30, 2006

Dean and Sam track down the ghost of Mordechai Murdoch, who haunts an old Texas farmhouse. However, the brothers discover that Mordechai is a tulpa, created ... read more

Something Wicked
70 votes
1x18 Something Wicked aired Apr 06, 2006

When Sam and Dean find articles about a town where children are inexplicably falling into comas, the brothers discover that a Shtriga, a creature that attack... read more

73 votes
1x19 Provenance aired Apr 13, 2006

When a young couple mysteriously die after buying a portrait of a 1910 family, Sam and Dean travel to the scene to investigate the painting. The brothers fin... read more

Dead Man's Blood
70 votes
1x20 Dead Man's Blood aired Apr 20, 2006

When a vampire hunter and friend of their father's is killed, Sam and Dean are shocked when their father arrives to help them solve the crime. John finds tha... read more

71 votes
1x21 Salvation aired Apr 27, 2006

After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked by a demon, similar to the way his mother was attacked, the Winchesters follow demonic signs to Salvation, ... read more

Devil's Trap
83 votes
1x22 Devil's Trap aired May 04, 2006

To save their father, Sam and Dean enlist the help of a family friend, Bobby Singer. When Meg shows up at Bobby's home, the brothers are able to exorcise the... read more


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