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The Cape Season 1

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48 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Jan 10, 2011

Former police officer Vince Faraday teams up with carnival misfits in order to fight crime; The Cape must rely on his friends to help him stop Chess from tak... read more

46 votes
1x02 Tarot aired Jan 10, 2011

Max and the crew are threatened when a former friend comes to town; Dana encounters Palm City's corruption; Peter and Marty continue their efforts to uncover... read more

41 votes
1x03 Kozmo aired Jan 18, 2011

Gregor Molotov, Max's protege, escapes from a Russian prison and comes to Palm City to reclaim the cape and assume the role of Kozmo the Unkillable. He claim... read more

39 votes
1x04 Scales aired Jan 25, 2011

Vince tries to turn Scales against Fleming by telling him the latter's secret identity. Scales goes to confront Fleming during a charity gala aboard a train,... read more

32 votes
1x05 Dice aired Feb 01, 2011

Trace,nicknamed Dice, is a savant able to see the future. Experimented on by Peter Fleming in her youth in order to map her brain. Her father being one of Ch... read more

Goggles and Hicks
35 votes
1x06 Goggles and Hicks aired Feb 08, 2011

Fleming hires a pair of assassins, Goggles and Hicks, to eliminate The Cape. The assassins launch a carefully-engineered plan to track Vince, learn everythin... read more

The Lich (1)
32 votes
1x07 The Lich (1) aired Feb 15, 2011

Rollo's girlfriend turns up under mysterious circumstances, drugged into a hypnotic state by a villain known as The Lich. While Vince, Max, and Rollo try to ... read more

The Lich (2)
30 votes
1x08 The Lich (2) aired Feb 22, 2011

When Preston Holloway is taken into custody by ARK, Vince must turn to Dana for help getting in to see the prisoner and finding out the location of Conrad Ch... read more

31 votes
1x09 Razer aired Mar 01, 2011

Fleming and Scales divide Palm City between them, and Scales plans to take over Trolley Park by taking out Max. He brings in an elusive assassin, Razer, and ... read more

24 votes
1x10 Endgame aired Mar 12, 2011

To cover his operations, Fleming frames Marty Voyt and forces him to remain silent or lose his family. When Dana takes on Marty's case, Vince must defend his... read more


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