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Under the Dome Season 1

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340 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Jun 25, 2013

The people of Chester's Mills wake up to a nice normal day, like every other day in their quiet Maine town... until a giant invisible dome surrounds the town... read more

The Fire
306 votes
1x02 The Fire aired Jul 02, 2013

Reverend Coggins accidentally burns down Sheriff Duke’s house.

270 votes
1x03 Manhunt aired Jul 09, 2013

At a “recharge” party at Joe’s house, Carter acts like a jerk, and Big Jim and Barbie search for Randolph.

232 votes
1x04 Outbreak aired Jul 16, 2013

An epidemic breaks out in Chester’s Mill, and the clinic is running out of medicine to treat people.

Blue on Blue
235 votes
1x05 Blue on Blue aired Jul 23, 2013

A soldier outside the dome tells Barbie that the military is getting ready to leave, and that the government is afraid that the dome is starting to affect m... read more

The Endless Thirst
223 votes
1x06 The Endless Thirst aired Jul 30, 2013

Store looting becomes a problem when the townspeople worry that water and food are running out.

Imperfect Circles
216 votes
1x07 Imperfect Circles aired Aug 06, 2013

Barbie, Linda, and Big Jim try to take back control of the town’s main water supply from Ollie.

Thicker Than Water
213 votes
1x08 Thicker Than Water aired Aug 13, 2013

Barbie, Linda, and Big Jim try to take back control of the town’s main water supply from Ollie.

The Fourth Hand
216 votes
1x09 The Fourth Hand aired Aug 20, 2013

Angie has a seizure. A woman from Big Jim’s past shows up at his house. Joe and Norrie make a discovery in Joe’s barn.

Let the Games Begin
221 votes
1x10 Let the Games Begin aired Aug 27, 2013

While Barbie is involved with a secret fight club, Junior is promoted to full-duty police officer and Julie finds out about Peter's past.

Speak of the Devil
214 votes
1x11 Speak of the Devil aired Sep 03, 2013

There's no fury like a woman scorned when Maxine takes revenge for Barbie rejecting her. Meanwhile, Angie, Joe, Junior, and Norrie grow closer to learning t... read more

Exigent Circumstances
230 votes
1x12 Exigent Circumstances aired Sep 10, 2013

While the manhunt for Barbie continues, Big Jim gets the residents of Chester's Mill riled up and the town demands justice for all of Barbie's supposed crim... read more

236 votes
1x13 Curtains aired Sep 17, 2013

As darkness settles on Chester's Mill, the Dome finally speaks to the group, but its answers prove less than helpful. The Monarch is revealed, and Big Jim t... read more


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