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Mad Dogs Season 3

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Episode 1
12 votes
3x01 Episode 1 aired Jun 04, 2013

The boys find themselves wearing yellow overalls in a vast and virtually deserted prison camp somewhere in the African desert. They have no idea who their ca... read more

Episode 2
13 votes
3x02 Episode 2 aired Jun 11, 2013

Two years have passed. Baxter is operating as a lawyer in Cape Town but with false papers,Quinn runs a bar there and is having an affair with a French diplom... read more

Episode 3
14 votes
3x03 Episode 3 aired Jun 18, 2013

The boys go to the British embassy to see if they are clear to leave South Africa but after seeing a lawyer,who promptly disappears,they realize that they ar... read more

Episode 4
14 votes
3x04 Episode 4 aired Jun 25, 2013

The lads finally make it to the house of former CIA agent Lazaro,who agrees to take their name of the CIA's kill list and let them know how things are doing ... read more


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