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Ruthless politician Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) sits like a spider at the center of Chicago's web of power. But underneath it all, Kane hides a crushing secret. His trusted advisors Kitty O'Neill (Kathleen Roberston) and Ezra Stone (Martin Donovan) know better than to ask questions. Kane's wife Meredith (Connie Nielsen) knows nothing. Only Emma (Hannah Ware), Kane's estranged daughter, has a chance of uncovering the truth. This is going to be the toughest term yet for the Boss.

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aired Oct 22, 2011


pies (Nov 27, 2012)

Great political drama.

hempo22 (Nov 20, 2012)

fucking starz -_-'

furbul (Nov 20, 2012)

cancelled :(

az25 (Sep 22, 2012)

I'm really surprised there isn't more comments about this show. I almost decided to skip it when I first heard about it, and I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really glad I didn't. I feel like this show, while obviously dealing with somewhat different themes, should be held up with a show like The Wire. It's an incredibly strong and diverse cast, and you can tell that Tom's disease and the city of Chicago political system, the writers clearly don't feel there are any boundaries on what they can do with this show. And like kript0x says, it's all very based in reality.

kript0x (Aug 18, 2012)

Great show. I like the cast. Its all very real.

az25 (Feb 03, 2012)

never been a fan of Kelsey Grammar... until this. Great show.

tomic20 (Dec 26, 2011)

this needs more hype...excellent show

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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Oct 21, 2011
  • Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Family
  • Country United States
  • Network Starz
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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