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The River

The River

The River follows the story of wildlife expert and TV personality Emmet Cole. Emmet set course around the world with his wife, Tess, and son, Lincoln, while filming what would become one of the most popular shows in television. After he goes missing deep in the Amazon, his family, friends and crew set out on a mysterious and deadly journey to find him.

Famed explorer Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) went looking for magic deep in the uncharted Amazon and never returned. The shocking truth about his disappearance is out there, somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. To the millions of kids who grew up watching his nature show, Dr. Cole was a hero. To his own son, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), he was more of an enigma. Now, six months after he vanished, Lincoln is finally ready to bury the past when Dr. Cole's emergency beacon suddenly goes off. At the urging of his mother, Tess (Leslie Hope), Lincoln reluctantly joins her on a search for his father. To fund the rescue, they agree to let Dr. Cole's cagey ex-producer, Clark (Paul Blackthorne), film the mission documentary-style. The mixed crew of old friends and new acquaintances includes the sexy and resourceful Lena (Eloise Mumford), loyal mechanic Emilio (Daniel Zacapa) and lethal bodyguard Captain Kurt Brynildson (Thomas Kretschmann).

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aired Feb 08, 2012


oopossum (Aug 06, 2015)

Season finale is kind of a letdown, and it was not renewed for a second season.

dem0n (Sep 02, 2012)

Loved this show. A bit corny at times, but very promising :)

Calboni (Jul 18, 2012)

the only a bit spooky episode is Jaume Collet Serra's. the one with the dolls on the tree. the guy knows how to fright.

zqyx (May 15, 2012)


mindcrash (May 13, 2012)


julyisonfire (Apr 26, 2012)

A waste of time, stories of children to sleep and the season finale is unfortunate. So booored.

avanish (Apr 05, 2012)

I really enjoyed this show. Cant wait for Season 2

LukeF (Mar 21, 2012)

Very good show... indeed

sw1ss (Mar 15, 2012)

Nothing special, but still worth watching. Personally I found the first episodes slightly more interesting then the last ones.

b0sse (Feb 28, 2012)

Air time is wrong for this show. e05 aired roughly 40 min ago, and yet it says here that it airs in 3 hours.

koffev3 (Feb 12, 2012)

just watched 2 first episodes. Its ok! Actually pretty intense if you r watching in a dark room with a surround system :).
Storywise...They're looking for the missing dad in combo with a tv show and they turn up, twice, with a supernatural beïng who's hauting them. There r nice elements although a bit cliché at some point.
Mayby not as scary (bcaus we r getting used to this kind of movies) but the intensity lvl is high throughout the whole episode(s) and for me, thats worth watching!

guiloko (Feb 11, 2012)

@koffev3 looks nice, i'm going to watch the first episode today!

koffev3 (Feb 10, 2012)

lot of ppl on facebook posted nice commets about this show.
"Tv show of the moment : the river! A Show u must have seen! A mix of Paranormal Activity, Lost and the Blair Witch Project."
I've seen the pilot yesterday and i can't wait for the next episode!
Brilliant peace of work of Spielbergh and Oren Peli'

Heester (Jan 27, 2012)

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