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American Horror Story Season 1

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257 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Oct 06, 2011

The Harmons--Ben, Vivien, and daughter Violet--move to Los Angeles and take up residence in a house rumored to be hau... read more

Home Invasion
274 votes
1x02 Home Invasion aired Oct 13, 2011

While Ben goes back to Boston at the request of a person from his past, Violet and Vivien are terrorized by three int... read more

Murder House
275 votes
1x03 Murder House aired Oct 20, 2011

Ben gets an unexpected visitor and loses something valuable. Meanwhile, Vivien learns more about the house, and Moira... read more

Halloween (1)
277 votes
1x04 Halloween (1) aired Oct 27, 2011

The line between the living and the dead blurs; the house's old residents give the Harmons decorating advice. read more

Halloween (2)
278 votes
1x05 Halloween (2) aired Nov 03, 2011

On Halloween, the night when the dead are free to mingle with the living, Tate confronts visions of his past, Ben and... read more

Piggy, Piggy
277 votes
1x06 Piggy, Piggy aired Nov 10, 2011

Ben gets a new patient obsessed with an urban myth and tries to help him overcome his fear. Meanwhile, Vivien confron... read more

Open House
270 votes
1x07 Open House aired Nov 17, 2011

Moira schemes to have a buyer dig up the yard and free her from her bondage to the Murder House. Meanwhile, Vivien re... read more

Rubber Man
281 votes
1x08 Rubber Man aired Nov 24, 2011

Hayden conspires with Tate and Nora to drive Vivien insane and take the unborn twins for herself. Meanwhile, Violet m... read more

Spooky Little Girl
276 votes
1x09 Spooky Little Girl aired Dec 01, 2011

The Murder House's most famous victim makes her entrance. Meanwhile, Hayden's sister comes looking for her, Ben recei... read more

Smoldering Children
293 votes
1x10 Smoldering Children aired Dec 08, 2011

Violet learns about the rules of the house. The truth about Larry's condition is explained. Constance is interrogated... read more

288 votes
1x11 Birth aired Dec 15, 2011

Vivien gives birth. Tate and Violet attempt to rid the house of some of its ghosts for good. read more

301 votes
1x12 Afterbirth aired Dec 22, 2011

Ben plans to commit suicide, but Vivien's ghost encourages him to get out of the house. However, he is killed by Hayd... read more


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