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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

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Welcome to the Hellmouth (1)
60 votes
1x01 Welcome to the Hellmouth (1) aired Mar 11, 1997

Determined for a fresh start, Buffy Summers moves to Sunnydale only to find out that it's located on a Hellmouth and that her slaying duties have just begun.

The Harvest (2)
51 votes
1x02 The Harvest (2) aired Mar 11, 1997

Buffy gradually learns to accept her role as the Slayer and prepares to battle the Master's minions in order to stop the Harvest, a ceremony which will free ... read more

45 votes
1x03 Witch aired Mar 18, 1997

When several cheerleaders are involved in strange accidents that cause them to spontaneously combust or leave them without eyes or a mouth, Buffy and the gan... read more

Teacher's Pet
42 votes
1x04 Teacher's Pet aired Mar 25, 1997

When Xander and most of the male population of Sunnydale High fall for the substitute science teacher Miss French, Buffy tries to warn him that she may not b... read more

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
41 votes
1x05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date aired Apr 01, 1997

Buffy sets her sights on the mysterious and brooding Owen and she opts to go on a date rather than help Giles prevent a prophecy about an unstoppable vampire... read more

The Pack
38 votes
1x06 The Pack aired Apr 08, 1997

While enduring the annual field trip to the Zoo, Xander and several other students enter the quarantined Hyena pen and become possessed with the spirit of th... read more

44 votes
1x07 Angel aired Apr 15, 1997

After saving her from a gang of vampire warriors, Angel and Buffy's "relationship" grows until he reveals his true self to her. Angel is really 'Angelus', a ... read more

I Robot, You Jane
41 votes
1x08 I Robot, You Jane aired Apr 29, 1997

Willow, saddened by Xander's affection for Buffy turns to the chat rooms and meets a charming boy on-line, ignoring Buffy's concerns about Internet freaks. M... read more

The Puppet Show
36 votes
1x09 The Puppet Show aired May 06, 1997

The new principal forces Giles to run Sunnydale High's annual talent show and Buffy, Willow and Xander have to perform against their will. Things get worse a... read more

43 votes
1x10 Nightmares aired May 13, 1997

When strange things begin happening to the students at Sunnydale High, it seems that everyone is living their worst nightmares. Buffy and the gang must hold ... read more

Out of Mind, Out of Sight
42 votes
1x11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight aired May 20, 1997

When a seemingly evil invisible force centers around Cordelia, Buffy investigates and discovers that a student who was ignored by all her classmates, includi... read more

Prophecy Girl
49 votes
1x12 Prophecy Girl aired Jun 03, 1997

With the help of Angel, Giles discovers an ancient prophecy which foresees that Buffy will die if she fights The Master. Upon hearing of her doom, Buffy is m... read more


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