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Bron/Broen Season 2

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Episode 1
52 votes
2x01 Episode 1 aired Sep 22, 2013

A cargo ship going through Öresund suddenly goes off course and is heading towards the Öresund Bridge. Maritime surveillance calls on the ship but gets no an... read more

Episode 2
46 votes
2x02 Episode 2 aired Sep 29, 2013

Saga and Martin are quarantined, but when the test results come back negative, they’re cleared to leave the hospital, and thus continue their investigation. ... read more

Episode 3
48 votes
2x03 Episode 3 aired Oct 06, 2013

The militant environmentalists are planning the next attack, larger and more extensive than the previous ones. After an anonymous tip Saga and Martin are clo... read more

Episode 4
47 votes
2x04 Episode 4 aired Oct 13, 2013

Saga and Martin investigate the killing of the eco-terrorists. Saga rules out suicide. They learn there must be a leader still alive out there who’s been pul... read more

Episode 5
49 votes
2x05 Episode 5 aired Oct 20, 2013

Laura , an important witness has memory loss but Saga thinks she may have seen something . The investigation grows and new clues are received. At the same ti... read more

Episode 6
48 votes
2x06 Episode 6 aired Oct 28, 2013

The report picks up when a new case of poisoning linked to Saga and Martin's case. A motor boat salvaged from the ocean floor . The boat finds old bones . Wh... read more

Episode 7
47 votes
2x07 Episode 7 aired Nov 04, 2013

Saga and Martin has a complicated puzzle to put . When a chemical plant threatened to burst it turns out that the attack was data driven and it is the same s... read more

Episode 8
45 votes
2x08 Episode 8 aired Nov 10, 2013

Saga and Martin questioning witnesses again and begins to suspect that someone in the group changed the data in the report . Witness Laura wakes up and Marti... read more

Episode 9
46 votes
2x09 Episode 9 aired Nov 18, 2013

Saga and Martin try to figure out where and when the next attack will take place.

Episode 10
49 votes
2x10 Episode 10 aired Nov 25, 2013

Saga and Martin realise the case isn't over and that there is one more perpetrator. But who is Mikkel Host?


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