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Bron/Broen Season 4

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Episode 1
12 votes
4x01 Episode 1 aired Jan 01, 2018

The head of the Danish migration agency is murdered brutally, and the murder is linked to a controversial expulsion case. Investigator Henrik Sabroe needs he... read more

Episode 2
12 votes
4x02 Episode 2 aired Jan 07, 2018

Henrik's two main clues in the investigation are the left-wing radical group Red October and the refugee Taariq, who has gone underground. On a personal leve... read more

Episode 3
10 votes
4x03 Episode 3 aired Jan 14, 2018

Henrik and Saga suspect that Taariq and the missing expert on left-wing radicals are hiding something, and collaborate to reveal them. They disagree on how t... read more

Episode 4
10 votes
4x04 Episode 4 aired Jan 21, 2018

Taariq recognizes a car related to the case. He wants to push the owner for money, but is himself accused of robbery. Saga fears that will be more murders an... read more

Episode 5
11 votes
4x05 Episode 5 aired Jan 28, 2018

Saga and Henrik keep searching for a link between the murder victims. Lillian is reprimanded by her superiors. Dan finds out where his ex-wife and son are an... read more

Episode 6
11 votes
4x06 Episode 6 aired Feb 04, 2018

Henrik believes he found the connection between all victims and an unexpected finding ends up on the investigation board. At the same time, the crack between... read more

Episode 7
11 votes
4x07 Episode 7 aired Feb 11, 2018

The inquiry into Tommy continues and Solveig still refuses to cooperate. She talks neither with Saga nor Jonas. The question is how long they can keep her in... read more

Episode 8
13 votes
4x08 Episode 8 aired Feb 18, 2018

Henrik and Astrid are trying to get used to being father and daughter again. Meanwhile Saga gets a breakthrough and the murderer is revealed and arrested und... read more


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