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Titanic (2012) Season 1

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First Class
16 votes
1x01 First Class aired Mar 21, 2012

The Earl of Manton and his family secure passage on the Titanic under a cloud of scandal surrounding his daughter, Ge... read more

The Second and Third Class
12 votes
1x02 The Second and Third Class aired Mar 28, 2012

There is confusion amongst the crew when Captain Smith shuffles their duties and up in First Class, Grace is horrifie... read more

No Way Out
13 votes
1x03 No Way Out aired Apr 04, 2012

Italian stoker Mario manages to get a job on the ship for his brother Paolo, who becomes smitten with cabin steward ... read more

The Sinking
13 votes
1x04 The Sinking aired Apr 15, 2012

The Titanic strikes the iceberg and panic follows. As the women and children get into the lifeboats, Georgiana and H... read more


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