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True Detective

True Detective

Written by Nic Pizzolatto (The Killing), the first season of True Detective will center on a pair of detectives, Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey), who end up crossing paths on a 17- year hunt for a serial killer deep within Louisiana. The series will feature a split narrative jumping between when the case first opens back in 1995, and the present when the two detectives are testifying in court after the case is reopened.

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aired Jan 13, 2014


avanish (Jun 05, 2014)

@dinneweth 5 star acting for sure.

TheJWoman (May 26, 2014)

@dinneweth My exact words after seing it all :)

Dmpstrbaby (Apr 28, 2014)

This is the show you've been waiting for since Twin Peaks.

mrOTHER (Mar 17, 2014)

It seems like the creator of the show got tired during the season and that's why the last three episodes were really mediocre.

dinneweth (Mar 17, 2014)

Five star acting, three star show.

kakature (Mar 16, 2014)

Well, I really can't agree. Complaining about the writing and then praising Breaking Bad, that's not right.

I don't get why we would be looking for the next Breaking Bad, there's at least two equally great or better shows currently running (Mad Men being one of them). Southland? Cmon man, you can't be serious. I'm baffled as to why some would involve Breaking Bad into this, it just hasn't got anything to do with it.

Character development, great story, perfect casting, powerful music and intro and I don't think the writing is sketchy (apart from some dialogues with Cohle). Of course, some things are personal, but still.

This series is getting too much flak in my opinion. On one side there's people saying this is the best ever. On the other side you've got people saying this is highly overrated and boring. I guess the truth is somewhere in between. I lean toward the former, but it's definitely not the best thing ever.

I love these shots from the intro by the way:

kenneththepage (Mar 13, 2014)

@az25 no worries! my bad too of course reading it now i do come across as an asshole (a common struggle for me)

az25 (Mar 13, 2014)

@kenneththepage oh, ok. Sorry about that, it's hard to read text sometimes. :/

kenneththepage (Mar 13, 2014)

@az25 oh i was being sincere. i've found it enjoyable, but certainly nowhere near the level of truly revolutionary television

az25 (Mar 12, 2014)

@kasseikerel thank you, I appreciate you giving a thoughtful response and reasons to why you felt this was so good, rather than just throwing adjectives out. That's what I was trying to get here, I just want to hear concrete reasons why people think this is so great, rather than snide, douchey remarks.

I am also excited to see what the second season will bring. I definitely agree that it could be argued this series has come the closest to bridging the gap between cinema and tv, well said. There has never been an American television show that has done this.

kasseikerel (Mar 12, 2014)

Personally, though I think Breaking Bad was pretty good and definitely an entertaining show, there were and are far better ongoing series at the moment; this first story arc of True Detective being one of them.

Even if there was a need for me to fill the 'emptiness' the end of Breaking Bad caused, I wouldn't seek fulfillment in True Detective as its existentialistic approach only makes you more aware of the (w)hole, ha.

However, this show works with a totally different kind of style, pacing and storytelling. And yes, this show has its flaws which I can accept and appreciate, just like I did with the many flaws Breaking Bad had. There is no personification nor identification without imperfection. But you cannot compare a single season weekly story arc of a merely eight episodes to multi-seasonal extensive cliffhanger filled entertainment.

You cannot expect giving birth to a newborn to solve the loss of a deceased child. Though one may be superior over the other, you hopefully love them both equally.

So no, this shouldn't have been the next Breaking Bad, unless you were looking for a completely different and fresh (not necessarily original) approach to storytelling.
Logically it's filled with clichés as it's all just one story being retold over and over again. ;)

This first arc of True Detective was a refreshing, incentive and even heartwarming existentialist character study and to me, everything from cinematography, music, writing and especially the phenomenal acting all fitted together.
I dare to say this series briefly closed the gap between cinema and tv.

I'm curious to see what the next story arc will bring, if the creators are sticking to these characteristics or if they shall change the stylistic palette completely.

MrBouwmeester (Mar 12, 2014)

You know a show is good when everyone is starting to call it overrated.

az25 (Mar 12, 2014)

@kenneththepage no need to be a douche, buddy. Just like Rust Cohle would do, I'm simply asking you to question, rather than be a sheep following the "it's brilliant" crowd. I'm entitled to my opinion, as you are to yours, yet it's funny how being rational about something is seen as idiotic when people are fanatically passionate about something.

kenneththepage (Mar 12, 2014)

@az25 yes thank you yes i congratulate you on this bravo

az25 (Mar 11, 2014)

Here's what I think is happening, and I hope and urge people to re-watch this series soon and then evaluate how you feel about the series.

What I think is happening is the craving for the next Breaking Bad. We've been in search of something to fill that hole since it ended, and this SHOULD'VE been it. But it isn't. This isn't even close to as good as Breaking Bad is, and obviously they're different shows, True Detective being closer to a traditional police procedural more than anything. But, between some of the absurd hot air Rust was spewing, and Martin's absurd relationships with women outside of his marriage, and all down to the fact that the ending was so cliche, I don't quite understand the hype.

It's a solid show, as I mentioned in my comment below, the filmmaking is great, the actors are wonderful, they have great chemistry, but the writing is kind of ridiculous. Again, I urge people to re-watch this as soon as possible before calling this the greatest thing they've ever seen. I have this feeling people will be kind of disappointed the second time around...

Not everything needs to be the GREATEST or the WORST.

True Detective is decent, but it sure as hell isn't worth the "5 stars" most think it is. It's closer to a "3.5 stars"

Dimivstr (Mar 10, 2014)

This series was simply brilliant.
No question about it.
I just think its sad, that all the fast paced action shows these days have killed the taste for a deep story as this one for some people.

McConaughey was absolutely insane.

CHR1S (Mar 10, 2014)

Hear, hear both comments of @az25

kvdv (Mar 08, 2014)

Fucking great show !! Hell Yeah

rorypondicus (Mar 07, 2014)

It's good but I don't understand everyone's TV boner for it

az25 (Feb 14, 2014)

@Woutr900 Have you not seen Magic Mike? The problem with McConaughey and Hollywood is that they thought he was a romantic leading man for so many years, when instead he's so much better as a (leading) character actor. That's where he really shines. Look at what Leo DiCaprio has been doing in Django Unchained and Wolf of Wall Street. McConaughey, just like Leo (although Leo is better in romantic roles) is so much better off when he's in those roles, than he is as pretty boy leading man in a RomCom. I have yet to see Mud, or Dallas Buyers Club, but the reason why people are saying he's so great in those is because he's not playing a role where he's meant to be liked by a segment of the population, whether it's women in RomCom's, or everyone in a boring, lead role, like a George Clooney, or Brad Pitt. Those guys only take roles where they're guaranteed to be liked by a majority of people, whereas McConaughey and DiCaprio are so much better when they act like Phillip Seymour Hoffman (R.I.P.) did, without self-consciousness.

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  • Premiered Jan 12, 2014
  • Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery
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  • Runtime 60 minutes
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