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Fugget About It Season 1

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1x01 Hate Crime Legislation is for Pussies aired Sep 08, 2012

A boy who is being bullied at school receives boxing lessons in the opener of this cartoon series, which follows a fo... read more

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1x02 The Full Mountie aired Sep 15, 2012

McCool is forced to humiliate himself after losing a game of poker to Jimmy. read more

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1x03 Screw You, Mr. Wonderful aired Sep 22, 2012

Jimmy gets recognized by a local billionaire/inventor (Alan Thicke) and has to take steps to protect himself. read more

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1x04 The Man With No Ass aired Sep 29, 2012

After a failed attempt to smuggle Canadian candy into the States, Jimmy winds up in a rodeo competition against McCool. read more

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1x05 Cousin Sammy Dies in the End aired Oct 06, 2012

Jimmy’s cousin Sammy from New York comes to live with them, putting the family’s witness protection in jeopardy. read more

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1x06 Rainbows and Painted Hos aired Oct 13, 2012

After he causes Cookie to miss a reunion with her sister, Jimmy is kicked out of the house and forced to live with Sp... read more

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1x07 Chokin' and Tokin' in the Queen City aired Oct 20, 2012

After Jimmy and Cheech inadvertently foil a drug deal, they decide to become vigilantes, but are soon forced by McCoo... read more

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1x08 Al Capone Wears Ladies Underwear aired Oct 27, 2012

Jimmy finds and revives a cryogenically frozen Al Capone in Moose Jaw. read more

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1x09 Petey Gets God'd aired Nov 03, 2012

Petey discovers God when Jimmy sets him up with a hooker. read more

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1x10 The Oracle of Vagina aired Nov 10, 2012

Jimmy helps Cookie open a fortune-telling business, then has to make all her ‘predictions’ come true. read more

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1x11 The Horny Bastard aired Nov 17, 2012

Jimmy opens Regina’s first strip joint, but is shocked when his daughter starts working there as a stripper. read more

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1x12 Sex on Ice aired Nov 24, 2012

Cookie starts to think Jimmy is cheating on her when he’s actually pursuing a career as a masked ice-sculptor called ... read more

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1x13 Hunts With Handgun aired Dec 01, 2012

Jimmy and Cheech are forced to go to a cultural sensitivity seminar at an Indian reservation. read more


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