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Jordskott Season 2

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Part I
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2x01 Part I aired Oct 15, 2017

Two years have passed since Silverhojd was rocked by harrowing events, and Eva has since returned to her job with Stockholm's city police. Eva is trying to m... read more

Part II
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2x02 Part II aired Oct 22, 2017

Eva's investigation reveals more mystery and doctors can't explain why the man under the ice died the way he did; Göran Wass joins the Stockholm police with ... read more

Part III
awaiting 10 votes
2x03 Part III aired Oct 29, 2017

The search for the missing girl, Robin, continues, and Eva's situation is complicated by the unexpected responsibility for Kalem; Eva and Wass dig deeper int... read more

Part IV
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2x04 Part IV aired Nov 05, 2017

Eva and Wass visit an ancient place where they find shocking evidence that the lives of more children are in danger. The Jordskott takes an ever stronger hol... read more

Part V
awaiting 10 votes
2x05 Part V aired Nov 12, 2017

Eva finds herself back at Thornblad farm; Koljonen uncovers something shocking; Bahar comes close to making a revelation; Maja and Esmeralda's friendship gro... read more

Part VI
awaiting 10 votes
2x06 Part VI aired Nov 19, 2017

While looking for evidence that Eva played a part in Desiree's death, Bahar makes a strange discovery; Maja faces great danger, and even Esmeralda may strugg... read more

Part VII
awaiting 10 votes
2x07 Part VII aired Nov 26, 2017

Eva and Wass work together; an unexpected visitor comes to see Agneta; Tom does everything he can to find the missing girls; Esmeralda tries to save a life.

awaiting 10 votes
2x08 Part VIII aired Dec 03, 2017

Tom and Wass work together to find Ida's kidnappers; Eva gets a clue from Bahar's investigation and confronts a lethal situation; Wass must take great person... read more


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