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Marvel's Iron Fist

Marvel's Iron Fist

Returning to New York City after being missing for years, Daniel Rand fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

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aired Mar 17, 2017


TomF (Oct 13, 2018)

Nooo. I really liked s2.. And that ending was super intriguing.

dreamtolove (Oct 13, 2018)

Cancelled. :(

RyoCaliente (Mar 31, 2017)

The biggest problem with this show is that none of the characters are likable. You're supposed to feel for all these people, and when I see them go through shit, I can't help but think "yeah, you deserve that you piece of shit". Any of these characters could die and I wouldn't care, save maybe for David Wenham, Tom Pelphrey, and Sacha Dhawan because their characters are at least interesting.

ricmaniac (Mar 19, 2017)

I really enjoy this show! don't care what others say. especially after episode 7.

time wasted is wrong on this website though. runtime is 1 hour.. not 50 min

buddhalou (Mar 19, 2017)

Was really hoping for a great show heading into Defenders, but this was downright dreadful.

WhiteSenji (Mar 18, 2017)

Review for those who are interested

thea (Mar 18, 2017)

also, there's another page for this show can you please fix it @lemon @Gaceru

thea (Mar 18, 2017)

a solid addition to the netflix marvel family. anyone who's familiar with the comics will enjoy the hell out of it and those who are not familiar but are intrigued and interested in it, will enjoy it as much as they miight have enjoyed daredevil, jessica jones and luke cage. great cast, beautiful character development and plot, now we wait for the defenders!

Dmpstrbaby (Mar 18, 2017)

If you like cliché you're in luck, it as all the cliché in the world.

thea (Feb 09, 2017)

There are currently 2 pages for Iron Fist, the one here and this one
Is there anything you can do about it? @Gaceru @lemon

rist (Feb 04, 2017)

@Leo111 thanks

visualidad (Apr 11, 2016)

Quiero ver ese piloto... PERO YA! CARAJO! JAJAJA

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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Mar 17, 2017
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Country United States
  • Network Netflix
  • Runtime 50 minutes
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