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The Mist

The Mist

A small town family is torn apart by a brutal crime. As they deal with the fallout an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world, and in some cases, each other. Family, friends and adversaries become strange bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society break down.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Jun 23, 2017


Hush564 (Jan 14, 2018)

Honestly, I kinda liked it. It's definitely not a show to watch if you are looking for a good ending, it definitely isn't good at maintaining a driving plot to keep it together...

But it does explore human psychosis which is pretty nice.

ForgotMyLines (Dec 13, 2017)

What a waste of everyone’s time. Pathetic show. Why does a Stephen King book always get turned into such cheesy shite with terrible actors and cliche ridden. I don’t even know where they were planning to take this.

Foaman (Oct 26, 2017)


Was truly awful.

Dmpstrbaby (Aug 26, 2017)

The "All the redhead in Hollywood Show".

Gats (Jun 26, 2017)

Blunt but pure guilty pleasure.

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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Jun 22, 2017
  • Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
  • Country United States
  • Network Spike TV
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Links IMDb, TheTVDB


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