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Micky Flanagan: Thinking Aloud Season 1

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1x01 Men and Women aired Apr 17, 2017

Take a tour through Micky's mind as he digs into the issues occupying his thoughts. He starts by exploring dating and... read more

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1x02 Class aired Apr 24, 2017

Comedian Micky Flanagan explores snobbery and the British obsession with class as he tries to understand where he fit... read more

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1x03 The Underdog aired May 01, 2017

Comedian Micky Flanagan delves into the difference between an underdog and a loser as he explores how he thinks the B... read more

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1x04 Midlife Crisis aired May 08, 2017

Micky explores the curious phenomenon of the midlife crisis, finding he displays nearly all of the top-40 signs you'r... read more

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1x05 Offence aired May 15, 2017

As a comic, the subject of offence is close to Micky's heart. But what is out of bounds? Sex, size, race, Donald Trum... read more

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1x06 Patriotism aired Jun 12, 2017

Cockney comic Micky Flanagan explores the thorny yet comically rich issue of patriotism. And what better time than du... read more

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