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Dollhouse revolves around a corporation running numerous underground establishments (known as "Dollhouses") across the globe which program individuals referred to as Actives (or Dolls) with temporary personalities and skills. Wealthy clients hire Actives from Dollhouses at great expense for various purposes. The series primarily follows the Active known as Echo, played by Eliza Dushku (who also acts as producer), on her journey towards self-awareness.

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pfr77 (Jun 09, 2014)

i am almost done rewatching season one and i am more sad about it.

(more sad than i was before but not more than about firefly)

nico23 (Dec 11, 2013)

Wow I just finished the series and enjoyed every minute of it, such a great show. And even the parts of Topher I did not like in the fist season get good. He turns out to feel empathy, shows a lot of emotions and SHOW SPOILER

I am not really disappointed with anything. People where complaining about Elizas acting skills apart from maybe the first 5 episodes where one might catch her a bit lacking. I think she was fine or even got better during the series. I really liked all the characters and the story was such a great Idea.
I expected some sort of open ending/cut of because the canceling of the show. I was happy that it was not at all (to me). Yeah I could imagine more seasons there was maybe room for more but its OK.

I do not get not enough people watched this series and why it got bad reviews/ratings (elsewhere). I was thrilled from the first to the last episode.

nico23 (Dec 07, 2013)

I like it so far (e06) but I really dislike this computer nerd character. I think he not fits into this series at all. While the others seem to do it for the money, he seems to do it for the science fun, but acts way to stereotypic, seem to not to care at all while acting like a child. This seems totally implausible to me.

pfr77 (Oct 15, 2012)

this show just really depresses me. what happened to it is probably worse than firefly but i don't feel as bad about it.

Kessie (Oct 29, 2011)

Really love Dollhouse and I also agree that the first season was better

digibron (Sep 04, 2011)

I think the first season was the better of the two - the second one kind of went off the rails but I guess that's because they found out it was cancelled and they had to cram in everything that otherwise may have covered a third season.

ColeFrost (Jul 04, 2011)


Agreed. I felt like the second season really made the show worth watching. I couldn't get past how poor a choice Eliza Dushku was for the lead during the whole first season, but then I got over it by the second one. She didn't get any better though. :)

There were a number of better choices for such a complex lead. I don't know why anyone would choose Eliza for a role that requires her to play a different character most episodes, do many different accents, and have the camera on her most of the time, where people actually get to see if she can act. She would have been better off as a secondary doll, like Sierra. Staying within only Joss Whedon shows, I can think of at least a dozen better choices, including Amy Acker, who was on the show anyway. :)

oranges (Feb 16, 2011)

I thought this was really solid.

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  • Premiered Feb 13, 2009
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