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Dark/Web Season 1

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1x01 Chapter One aired Jul 19, 2019

Ethan, recently fired and newly single, receives an ominous e-mail from a long forgotten high-school friend, Molly. C... read more

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1x02 Chapter Two aired Jul 19, 2019

Social media superstar Sam receives a threatening e-mail that hits too close to home, prompting her to reach out to h... read more

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1x03 Chapter Three aired Jul 19, 2019

James, another former classmate, finds himself next on Molly's "hit list" when he receives an e-mail promising a grim... read more

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1x04 Chapter Four aired Jul 19, 2019

The gang finally unites in Texas as the circumstances surrounding their missing friend become more urgent. An old fri... read more

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1x05 Chapter Five aired Jul 19, 2019

Amy, a dangerous woman with ties to Molly, demands answers the friends don't have, leading to an uneasy truce. The si... read more

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1x06 Chapter Six aired Jul 19, 2019

Months before she disappeared, Molly Solis found herself searching for purpose: stifled by a lucrative, but unfulfill... read more

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1x07 Chapter Seven aired Jul 19, 2019

A college freshman deals with gruesome side-effects after rumors about her go "viral" on the dark web. The gang races... read more

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1x08 Chapter Eight aired Jul 19, 2019

THE SEASON FINALE OF DARK/WEB. All roads lead to Molly, MIHR and an uncertain future. In the past, Molly makes a choi... read more


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