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Eastwick Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Sep 24, 2009

Three women residents of the New England town of Eastwick each make a wish on a coin, summoning a mysterious man name... read more

Reaping and Sewing
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1x02 Reaping and Sewing aired Oct 01, 2009

As Eastwick prepares for its annual fall HarvestFest, Joanna, Kat and Roxie's lives continue to take a turn for the s... read more

Madams and Madames
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1x03 Madams and Madames aired Oct 08, 2009

Haunted by the ghost of her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Roxie questions her sanity and turns to a local psychic for help... read more

Fleas and Casserole
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1x04 Fleas and Casserole aired Oct 15, 2009

With a little urging from Darryl, Roxie decides to learn more about her mysterious new neighbor, Jamie (Jack Huston) ... read more

Mooning and Crooning
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1x05 Mooning and Crooning aired Oct 22, 2009

Kat fulfills a fantasy; Mia and Roxie find themselves in an embarrassing predicament; Joanna's rush to print a story ... read more

Bonfire and Betrayal
awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Bonfire and Betrayal aired Oct 29, 2009

In Eastwick, Halloween is the most important holiday of the year, when the town embraces its heritage with a good ol... read more

Red Ants and Black Widows
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1x07 Red Ants and Black Widows aired Nov 05, 2009

After Chad visits her one last time in a dream, a grieving Roxie resolves to fulfill his last wish -- if she can figu... read more

Paint and Pleasure
awaiting 10 votes
1x08 Paint and Pleasure aired Nov 26, 2009

Darryl organizes an art show of Roxie's work at his mansion; Joanna tries to use her power to get her life back in or... read more

Tasers and Mind Erasers
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1x09 Tasers and Mind Erasers aired Dec 03, 2009

Roxie learns of a new ability as her mother Edie comes to visit. Darryl tries to persuade Kat to use her healing powe... read more

Tea and Psychopathy
awaiting 10 votes
1x10 Tea and Psychopathy aired Dec 17, 2009

After Jamie reveals to Roxie that Darryl is his father, she sets about having a dinner party where father and son can... read more

Red, Bath and Beyond
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1x11 Red, Bath and Beyond aired Jan 20, 2010

NOTE: ABC did not air episode 11 of Eastwick. The American S01E11 releases are actually S01E12. Only Aired in UK R... read more

Magic Snow and Creepy Gene
10 votes
1x12 Magic Snow and Creepy Gene aired Dec 31, 2009

When the ladies make a pact never to reveal what they did to Jamie, they realize they must go their separate ways -- ... read more

Pampered and Tampered
awaiting 10 votes
1x13 Pampered and Tampered aired Feb 15, 2010

NOTE: Only Aired in UK Roxie, Joanna and Kat embrace their powers; Roxie's deceased husband returns; Kat begins to... read more


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