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Everwood Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Sep 16, 2002

After his wife is killed in a car accident, Dr. Andrew Brown (Treat Williams) moves his 15-year-old son, Ephram (Greg... read more

The Great Doctor Brown
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1x02 The Great Doctor Brown aired Sep 23, 2002

Andy and Ephram's fragile relationship is further strained when it appears that Andy is once again putting work befo... read more

Friendly Fire
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1x03 Friendly Fire aired Sep 30, 2002

Andy's neighbor and friend Nina (Stephanie Niznik) is ostracized by the townspeople when they discover she is a surro... read more

The Kissing Bridge
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1x04 The Kissing Bridge aired Oct 07, 2002

Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott must put their striking differences aside to educate the town of Everwood after several of... read more

Deer God
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1x05 Deer God aired Oct 14, 2002

After a lost deer makes the Brown's backyard its new home, Andy insists on accompanying Ephram who decides to help th... read more

The Doctor Is In
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1x06 The Doctor Is In aired Oct 21, 2002

Andy meets with Colin's parents to discuss a potential course of treatment for the comatose teen. Amy is heartbroken ... read more

We Hold These Truths
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1x07 We Hold These Truths aired Oct 28, 2002

The former Big Apple neurosurgeon, Dr.Andrew Brown, puts on his scrubs for the first time since he relocated his fami... read more

Till Death Do Us Part
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1x08 Till Death Do Us Part aired Nov 04, 2002

As his wedding anniversary draws near, Andy loses all hope and questions whether he will ever feel his life is worth ... read more

Turf Wars
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1x09 Turf Wars aired Nov 11, 2002

The unannounced arrival of Jacob and Nonny Hoffman (Mark Rydell, Doris Belack) from New York is greeted with glee by ... read more

Is There a Doctor in the House?
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1x10 Is There a Doctor in the House? aired Nov 18, 2002

Delia and her grandmother (guest star Doris Belack) throw a festive birthday party for a grumpy Edna who hates this p... read more

A Thanksgiving Tale
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1x11 A Thanksgiving Tale aired Nov 25, 2002

In hopes of raising his little sister Delia's spirits, Ephram does his best to recreate his mother's Thanksgiving tra... read more

Vegetative State
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1x12 Vegetative State aired Jan 06, 2003

A heartbroken Ephram finds himself the odd man out as Amy prepares for Colin's homecoming. Meanwhile, Andy and Dr. Ab... read more

The Price of Fame
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1x13 The Price of Fame aired Jan 20, 2003

Much to resident thespian Dr. Abbot's chagrin, Andy begrudgingly auditions and is offered the lead in Everwood's prod... read more

Colin the Second
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1x14 Colin the Second aired Jan 27, 2003

Although conflicted by his feelings for Amy, Ephram finds himself serving as confidante and friend to Amy's boyfriend... read more

Snow Job
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1x15 Snow Job aired Feb 03, 2003

On a church ski trip chaperoned by perpetual party pooper Dr. Abbott, Amy and Colin share their first kiss since the ... read more

My Funny Valentine
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1x16 My Funny Valentine aired Feb 10, 2003

When traveling psychologist Dr. Gretchen Trott (guest star Jane Krakowski) comes back into town, Andy is forced to co... read more

Everwood, Confidential
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1x17 Everwood, Confidential aired Feb 17, 2003

When Dr. Abbott's dementia-plagued, elderly godfather (guest star Luke Askew) confesses to a murder that took place 3... read more

The Unveiling
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1x18 The Unveiling aired Feb 24, 2003

Approaching the anniversary of his mother's death, Ephram confronts a repressed memory of his father cheating on his... read more

The Miracle of Everwood
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1x19 The Miracle of Everwood aired Apr 21, 2003

Although Amy and Bright are still living in denial regarding the state of Colin's (Mike Erwin) recovery, Ephram can't... read more

Moonlight Sonata
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1x20 Moonlight Sonata aired Apr 28, 2003

A nervous Ephram feels the pressure of performing his first piano recital in Everwood; Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott attem... read more

Episode 20
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1x21 Episode 20 aired May 05, 2003

Dr. Brown faces one of the toughest moral decisions of his career when a distraught pregnant teenager (guest star Kat... read more

Fear Itself
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1x22 Fear Itself aired May 12, 2003

Resentful at being forced to accompany Andy and Irv to a remote lake cabin, Ephram takes a small boat out alone and ... read more

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1x23 Home aired May 19, 2003

As the day of Colin's (guest star Mike Erwin) surgery approaches and emotions run high, Andy takes Ephram and Delia o... read more


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