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Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Finn, the human boy with the awesome hat, and Jake, the wise dog, are close friends and partners in strange adventures in the land of Ooo. The 15-minute series is from Cartoon Network Studios, created by Pendleton Ward and executive produced by Fred Siebert and Derek Drymon.

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aired Apr 05, 2010


Zantanimus (May 08, 2016)

@Crasha Pretty sure it has to do with both TVdatabase and Tracktv listing the episodes as such. Wikipedia says we're still in season 7, though.

Crasha (Apr 18, 2016)

There's a bugged "Season 8" listed on here which just has some various episodes from other places in it. Screws with my unwatched episode count.

b0sse (Apr 13, 2016)

Why did they suddenly double the episodes per season? Season 1-4 uses a 26 episode per season format, then all of a sudden Season 5 starts to use 52 episodes.

mobytest (Mar 13, 2015)

I'm 28 and Jake can stretch.
Also i don't think that this show is for kids, is for adults but disguised for kids, is too "deep" for any kid to understand the life lessons.

Artifex (May 28, 2013)

I've seen an episode of this show when a friend came over, we both heard a lot about it on the internet, but it hasn't aired in the Netherlands, so we just randomly watched one and laughed our asses off. Very random, very funny show. Reminds me a lot of Ugly Americans, in both art style and randomness.

EDIT: I have to say, though, it's not random randomness. The lore is very consistent and very fascinating.

ThyCaptain (Sep 06, 2012)

@Xadyu You are 22. You are a kid.

(Countdown for the 28 year-old guy that will tell me I'm a kid...)

Xadyu (Jan 07, 2012)

@zebrah You are 17. You are a kid.

HansPB (May 19, 2011)

I'm 20 and rapidly becoming a fan :p It's something for all ages, like Pixar, Nintendo and most comic books. Simply a great show. The drawing style and wacky fantasy setting remind me of the Donjon (Dungeon) comics by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, which is very much a good thing.

zebrah (Apr 26, 2011)

This show may be for kids but I'm 17 and love it.

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  • Premiered Apr 05, 2010
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Children, Children Cartoons, Comedy, Animation
  • Country United States
  • Network Cartoon Network
  • Runtime 15 minutes
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