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Fringe Season 1

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123 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Sep 09, 2008

An international flight lands at Boston's Logan Airport, its crew and passengers dead from a mysterious flesh-dissolving toxin. When Special Agent Olivia Dun... read more

The Same Old Story
103 votes
1x02 The Same Old Story aired Sep 16, 2008

The trio's unlikely partnership develops as they investigate the death of a woman who conceives, has a full-term pregnancy, and gives birth all within a few ... read more

The Ghost Network
96 votes
1x03 The Ghost Network aired Sep 23, 2008

A man, Roy McComb (Zak Orth), seems to be having visions of Pattern-related terror attacks before they occur. The team, led by Dr. Bishop, discovers that he ... read more

The Arrival
92 votes
1x04 The Arrival aired Sep 30, 2008

Broyles calls in the team to investigate a deadly explosion and its source: a strange cylinder unharmed despite the destruction. Olivia determines that the s... read more

Power Hungry
83 votes
1x05 Power Hungry aired Oct 14, 2008

A deliveryman discovers he has the ability to control electrical devices and discharge current, leading to an elevator crash. Walter recognizes the accident ... read more

The Cure
73 votes
1x06 The Cure aired Oct 21, 2008

A missing woman appears at a diner where within minutes she and everyone present dies a painful death. The evidence points to illegal human drug trials and t... read more

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones
81 votes
1x07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones aired Nov 11, 2008

A genetically-engineered parasite attaches itself internally to a FBI agent. Olivia goes to Germany to meet with a man who knows about the parasite. Meanwhil... read more

The Equation
87 votes
1x08 The Equation aired Nov 18, 2008

Walter thinks the abduction of a young music prodigy is linked back to his old bunkmate at St. Claire's Hospital, a mathematician who was driven insane after... read more

The Dreamscape
79 votes
1x09 The Dreamscape aired Nov 25, 2008

The team is called in to investigate why a man jumps out a window because he thinks he's being attacked by butterflies. Olivia gets some breaks in solving th... read more

81 votes
1x10 Safe aired Dec 02, 2008

The team is called in on a bank robbery similar to other robberies in the area but this particular bank has the thief embedded inside the steel wall of the b... read more

81 votes
1x11 Bound aired Jan 20, 2009

Olivia soon escapes from her abductors, only to discover that she's the target of a supervisory investigation by an old nemesis. Meanwhile, a epidemiology pr... read more

The No-Brainer
77 votes
1x12 The No-Brainer aired Jan 27, 2009

A trail of deaths across the country has a consistent pattern: in each case, the victim's brain has been liquefied after they viewed a downloaded computer fi... read more

The Transformation
79 votes
1x13 The Transformation aired Feb 03, 2009

When bizarre twisted remains are found among the debris of a crashed jumbo jet, Olivia and Peter end up going undercover as part of their investigation.

85 votes
1x14 Ability aired Feb 10, 2009

A newsstand vendor dies when all of his orifices seal over. Meanwhile, the mysterious Mr. Jones turns himself over to the FBI and warns that if Olivia cannot... read more

Inner Child
84 votes
1x15 Inner Child aired Apr 07, 2009

A mysterious pale-skinned mute child is found in a 70-year-old chamber beneath a building scheduled for demolition. Olivia bonds with the child as she helps ... read more

89 votes
1x16 Unleashed aired Apr 14, 2009

Animal rights activists inadvertently unleash an experimental creature made up of the genes of various animals. The creature goes on a rampage, and it attack... read more

Bad Dreams
92 votes
1x17 Bad Dreams aired Apr 21, 2009

Olivia is plagued by dreams where she appears to kill two people hundreds of miles away. However, she soon discovers her real connection to the deaths, a con... read more

84 votes
1x18 Midnight aired Apr 28, 2009

When victims turn up with their spinal columns ripped open, Fringe is called in and they determine that the scientist involved is a former ZFT member. Now he... read more

The Road Not Taken
88 votes
1x19 The Road Not Taken aired May 05, 2009

While investigating a seeming case of spontaneous combustion, Olivia begins having visions of an alternate reality that is somehow connected to the case. Mea... read more

There's More Than One of Everything
91 votes
1x20 There's More Than One of Everything aired May 12, 2009

David Robert Jones launches an attack on someone associated with Fringe Division in an attempt to gain what he needs to hunt down William Bell. Meanwhile, Wa... read more


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