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Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0

HAWAII FIVE-0 is a contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the Islands' sun-drenched beaches. Detective Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), a decorated Naval officer turned cop, returns to Oahu to investigate his father's murder and stays after Hawaii's governor persuades him to head up the new team: his rules, her backing, no red tape and full blanket immunity to hunt down the biggest "game" in town. Joining McGarrett is Detective Danny "Danno" Williams (Scott Caan), a newly relocated ex-New Jersey cop who prefers skyscrapers to the coastline but is committed to keeping the Islands safe for his 8-year-old daughter; and Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), an ex-Honolulu Police Detective wrongly accused of corruption and relegated to a federal security patrol, who is also a former protégé of McGarrett's father. Chin's cousin, Kono (Grace Park), is a beautiful and fearless native, fresh out of the academy and eager to establish herself among the department's elite. McGarrett vows to bring closure to his father's case while the state's brash new FIVE-0 unit, who may spar and jest among themselves, is determined to eliminate the seedy elements from the 50th state. Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are executive producers for CBS Television Studios.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Sep 21, 2010


b0sse (Sep 22, 2016)

Season 7 is coming in 2 days? wtf, why havent they just cancelled this show already? its been going nowhere for a long time. ever since the Woo Fat plotline was concluded, the main part of the story was over. So what now? Just pointless day to day police work like any other boring cop show. Week to week bad guys getting arrested with no real over-arching plot. Kill this show, please.

MrOverDose (Oct 29, 2013)

this show is still basically just one big advertisement for chevrolet and microsoft.. we need more character progression!!!

az25 (Oct 14, 2013)

I don't know if I can continue watching this show. Seriously, what the fuck are you doing with Catherine? You added her as part of the main cast, and she still gets these bullshit storylines of "HELP STEVE" and "ACCEPT STEVE IS USING ME ALL OF THE TIME." Like, what the fuck?

colorblind90 (Sep 29, 2013)

I'm so glad this one is back :)

alexisdhondt (May 21, 2013)

goddamned... fucking cliffhangers...

Sandrosaurus (Jan 05, 2013)

So what will the twist in S3 be like? Is Wu Fat a half brother of Steve? Will John Locke be back now 666 is canceled? Will someone die from the group? Will Kono be in trouble with the yakuza? Is Hiro's car actually bumblebee in disguise?

Ni3lzy (Sep 24, 2012)

Almost there! ;)

ArthasSama (Dec 15, 2011)

The season is over? D:

b0sse (Dec 13, 2011)


jmef (Nov 14, 2011)

a very funny scene between Hiro Nakamura and the cop of Heroes in S02E08 of Hawaii 5-0.

ColeFrost (Aug 10, 2011)

Autumn Reeser cast in a possible recurring role:

ColeFrost (Jul 30, 2011)

William Baldwin has been added in a recurring role:

ColeFrost (Jul 02, 2011)

Richard T. Jones will be joining as the new Governor. He is a solid actor.

ColeFrost (Jun 28, 2011)

Tom Sizemore is joining for a multi-episode arc:

Great actor who had real life problems drag down his career. He was in some of the best action movies ever, including Heat, Black Hawk Down, and Saving Private Ryan.

ColeFrost (Jun 21, 2011)

Terry O'Quinn is joining the cast (He was John Locke on Lost). Great actor. It will be a recurring role as the man who trained McGarrett and that has answers to some of his questions.

ColeFrost (May 16, 2011)
ColeFrost (Apr 15, 2011)

Looking like it will survive for at least a few years. They just signed a syndication deal, with TNT starting in 2014.

With numbers in the low to mid two millions range, I would think that even if it struggles a bit, it will still get picked up, just to make all that money off it. Might as well declare it picked up for a few more seasons.

starspike (Mar 29, 2011)

I'm also watching this and I like it. It won't be anything i'll easily remember in 20 years or so, but I hope it'll stick around for some time.
But what's the deal with airing one episode right halfway of two months :)

Lokatius (Mar 08, 2011)

It's fun to watch. Kinda light as josbeir said, but still good. Like the connection between Danno and McGarret, it works. Sometimes those two even save the episode from beeing not that great. Hope for a 2nd Season.

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