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House Season 8

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Twenty Vicodin
375 votes
8x01 Twenty Vicodin aired Oct 04, 2011

A year has passed since House crashed his car into Cuddy’s home, and we find House spending time behind bars at the E... read more

363 votes
8x02 Transplant aired Oct 11, 2011

House returns to Princeton Plainsboro on parole to provide his expertise on a unique case: a pair of donor lungs that... read more

Charity Case
352 votes
8x03 Charity Case aired Oct 18, 2011

When Benjamin suddenly collapses after making a rare and generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park are convinced that... read more

Risky Business
345 votes
8x04 Risky Business aired Nov 01, 2011

A CEO falls mysteriously ill just days before he signs a contract that would relocate his company's entire labor forc... read more

The Confession
339 votes
8x05 The Confession aired Nov 08, 2011

A well-respected community leader has a heart attack while secretly having an affair. However, when his condition wor... read more

328 votes
8x06 Parents aired Nov 15, 2011

A teenage boy attempting to follow in his late father’s footsteps as an entertainer is admitted to Princeton Plainsbo... read more

Dead & Buried
324 votes
8x07 Dead & Buried aired Nov 22, 2011

The team learns that their 14-year-old patient is suffering from more than teen angst when her physical symptoms wors... read more

Perils of Paranoia
333 votes
8x08 Perils of Paranoia aired Nov 29, 2011

A prosecutor suffers from what he believes to be cardiac arrest during an interrogation at the witness stand. The tea... read more

Better Half
359 votes
8x09 Better Half aired Jan 24, 2012

A man suffering from Alzheimer's coughs up blood and flies into violent rages. While the team tries to diagnose him, ... read more

360 votes
8x10 Runaways aired Jan 31, 2012

House and his team treat an underage runaway girl who refuses to identify her parents, and House takes a personal int... read more

Nobody's Fault
374 votes
8x11 Nobody's Fault aired Feb 07, 2012

When a team member is injured while treating a patient, Foreman brings in his old mentor Dr. Cofield to get to the tr... read more

367 votes
8x12 Chase aired Feb 14, 2012

To cope with his near-death experience, Chase seeks out an emotional bond with a nun preparing to take her vows, who ... read more

Man of the House
359 votes
8x13 Man of the House aired Feb 21, 2012

A marriage counselor collapses during a speaking engagement, but when he is put under close evaluation, the team noti... read more

Love is Blind
306 votes
8x14 Love is Blind aired Mar 20, 2012

House and the team take on the case of Will Westwood, a successful, independent blind man who’s about to ask his girl... read more

Blowing the Whistle
282 votes
8x15 Blowing the Whistle aired Apr 03, 2012

The team treats an Army PFC suffering from abdominal pains, who leaked a video of a botched military operation to the... read more

Gut Check
265 votes
8x16 Gut Check aired Apr 10, 2012

House and the team take on the case of a 22-year-old minor league hockey player who collapsed while coughing up blood... read more

We Need the Eggs
274 votes
8x17 We Need the Eggs aired Apr 17, 2012

House and the team take on the case of a man who starts tearing blood. Meanwhile, House is interviewing for a new fav... read more

Body and Soul
279 votes
8x18 Body and Soul aired Apr 24, 2012

House and the team take on the case of a young boy who has violent dreams of being choked, and then wakes up but stil... read more

The C Word
283 votes
8x19 The C Word aired May 01, 2012

When the team takes on the case of Emily, a six-year-old girl who has numerous preexisting health problems, they must... read more

Post Mortem
276 votes
8x20 Post Mortem aired May 08, 2012

The team takes on the case of Dr. Peter Treiber, a pathologist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital who knows to... read more

Holding On
280 votes
8x21 Holding On aired May 15, 2012

The team takes on the case of Derrick, a 19-year-old college student who had a mysterious nose bleed during cheerlead... read more

Everybody Dies
325 votes
8x22 Everybody Dies aired May 22, 2012

Treating a drug addict patient results in House examining his life, his future and his own personal demons. read more


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