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BertDenolf (Jan 16, 2020)

Hi, is it possible to fix/update the 'contribute new shows'-part of your website? Some suggestions of mine are taking very long to be added. I have some shows that need 'admin review' since I added them in november. I tried multiple times to contact Sarah/Lemon via Twitter and e-mail, but she doesn't respond. It's very annoying.

Thanks in advance

SilentAlarm (Mar 09, 2016)

@TomF I'm afraid not. You can try to mail :)

TomF (Mar 09, 2016)

Can you also add shows? I'd really appreciate it if Love would be added, great new Netflix show..

jeffaustin90 (Jan 06, 2016)


Yes this was the situation I was talking about. Thanks for the quick reply, and I'm looking forward to seeing the update "soon"!

SilentAlarm (Jan 06, 2016)


I'm pretty sure that @lemon 's login-time is not representative, since he's working with local back-ups on those updates.

But, to answer your question: Last time we talked, he told me the contribution-update was 80% ready (Presuming this is "the situation" you are talking about). BUT he was on vacation in South Africa the past month, and now he's visiting Costa Rica.

So I expect it 'soon', but not 'this / next week'-soon. Rather ''-soon. Can't give a specific date / timeline, since I'm not doing any development .. I just post stuff on the twitter, instagram and facebook accounts :). However, I've seen some screenshots .. and it looks nice. Worth waiting for!

If this isn't "the situation" you're talking about, you should give me more feedback ;).

jeffaustin90 (Jan 05, 2016)

Any update yet on the situation? Looks like Lemon last logged in over a month ago.

theRecommender (Nov 08, 2015)

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Lemon (Nov 03, 2015)

@MrKoops I Fixed it :happydance:

MrKoops (Oct 19, 2015)

@SilentAlarm I hope he does, i am missing!

SilentAlarm (Oct 19, 2015)

@MrKoops haven't been able to reach @lemon this weekend. I'm presuming she's working on the solution!

MrKoops (Oct 19, 2015)

any news on the tvrage matter?

theRecommender (Oct 02, 2015)

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SilentAlarm (Oct 01, 2015)

@Rufinus Well, @lemon posted an update in the comment of this blog post a few days ago:

Rufinus (Oct 01, 2015)

am tracking 70 tv shows and some are not updating i know the situation with TVRage down i just want to know when will the site be back to normal or do i have to start looking for another site? but adding all these shows to a new site will be a pain.

b0sse (Sep 23, 2015)

@SilentAlarm Okay, not sure if you can use IMDB or maybe?

SilentAlarm (Sep 22, 2015)

@zdlr I'll let @lemon know, but I presume this will be solved as soon as we fixed our TVRage-problem :).

Edit: And yes, I'm enjoying HoC .. a lot! I've been able to guess a few of the clues already.

zdlr (Sep 22, 2015)

Could you please get the higher ups to look into The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It is acting very funny. It's been doing it all year as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Basically it says there are no new episodes when there are. The new Daily Show is starting at the end of September. Would be great if this were fixed before than. Cheers.

Hope your enjoying House of Cards as much as I did.

SilentAlarm (Sep 22, 2015)

Hey @b0sse,

We haven't been able to receive data from TVRage since Sep 07. I'm not a developer myself, but we are working / brainstorming how to solve this once and for all.

To be honenst: I don't think our biggest problem is to develop towards a the API; it's making sure we don't screw over the existing data. (Corrupt it, import a show/episode twice,..).

The new TV Season is starting (I'm looking forward to: Heroes, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds.), so we want to have it solved ASAP. To be realistic: I think we need another 7 - 14 days to be back to normal.

@Lemon please tell me if I'm wrong :).

b0sse (Sep 22, 2015)

It's been a couple of weeks now and TVRage is still dead... How is a solution coming along? Lots of new episode that aired that doesn't show up here at the moment cause of it.

theRecommender (Sep 01, 2015)

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