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colekane7745 • cole kane

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colekane7745 needs to watch some episodes.


colekane7745 (Sep 04, 2015)

I am so tired today, I've just start new year in school and this is just first week and I am so, so tired, I need rest but now is weekend so I am going to use it!

colekane7745 (Aug 28, 2015)

I have holiday, and I would like to explore some kind of places in middle Europe connected with beautiful environment or interesting history, could anybody give me any advice ?

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About colekane7745

Hi I'm 36 years old, I work as a teacher in secondary school, I am teacher of chemistry, I like my work, because I like work with young people, in spite of the are annoying sometimes :)
I live with my wife and son in small town.
I am interested not only chemistry but also, music, environmental protection and the most travelling- last my trip was in Poland Salat mine Tour - awesome!