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theRecommender (Jan 03, 2015)

Hi there petero,
I am the Recommender and I have analyzed the viewing habbits of all the users. Now I am able to give you recommendations matching the series you love and follow.

You should watch Lost because you already follow Dexter, Band of Brothers, The Walking Dead
You should watch True Blood because you already follow Dexter, Supernatural, The Walking Dead
You should watch House because you already follow Dexter, Chuck, The Walking Dead

If you want to recieve new recommendations on a monthly basis you should add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

Vyp3R (Jul 18, 2011)

Oh it is excellent. Enjoy!

petero (Jul 17, 2011)

@Vyp3R Actually mate, I was just looking st what you'd watched and saw Strike Back. I looked it up on Wikipaedia and thought " Not too shabby!" I'll download it and give it a watch.

Vyp3R (Jul 15, 2011)

Recommend you take a look at Strike Back it is bloody awesome.

petero (Apr 10, 2011)

Good News Week (AU) has been erroneously listed as cancelled/ended in many calendar sites. I would just like to clarify - Good News Week (AU) is still being shown on channel 10 at 9.30pm, Mondays, AEST.
Update 2015....Once again The Maggots That Be have played silly buggers and cancelled GNW's prospect of coming back... Thank you Scum Channel 10 - no wonder you're going to be sold off soon.....!!!

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Hail from Australia. Love Sci-fi, police procedurals, comedy, dramedy.If it's well written and acted it gets a big thumbs up from me. Check out Good News Week and watch some of the vidz I uploaded.