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Mad Men - 7x14 Person to Person

The drama featuring Don Draper, his family and his co-workers at Sterling Cooper & Partners reaches its conclusion.


ForgotMyLines (Nov 03, 2016)

Aww, what a beautiful ending. I didn't really know how they were going to wrap it up, but that was nice!


NadTV (Sep 27, 2015)

Way better than Breaking Bad IMO.

Cameron16 (Jul 18, 2015)

I am going to have a hard time letting it go. Perfect finale to one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

TomF (May 25, 2015)

Perfect ending to one of the best shows ever made.

kakature (May 24, 2015)

It's over, it's done :'(

Beautiful ending. Beautiful series, easily in my top 5 of all time.

FEER5698 (May 22, 2015)

Its nice how they wrapped up ALL main character stories nicely.
If you liked S01E01 you will also like any other episodes and the finale.

Dont forget Leonard everybody (the guy in the babyblue sweater at the end) he is the one who really saves Don Draper, without him the series would have had a depressing ending with don offing himself by jumping out of the window from the corporate building trying to pretend he could fly during a presentation for coca-cola :)

p.s. coca-cola sucks donkeys as a multinational corporation that should be held accountable for all criminal practices of their business associates throughout the world.

So if in 50 years coca-cola doesnt exist anymore together with all other multinational corporation we also shouldnt allow to stay alive, i would like to see that series in mad men part 2 when iam 86yrs old and iam sitting in my transport vehicle (whatever we call them in 50yrs) moving around on the moon or during interplanet travel.

Shame its ending in the same month as the lateshow with david letterman and glee, another 2 great series that diversified my music experience, which tv series will fill the void :) bahhhhhhhhhh....

tiagoh (May 22, 2015)

Didn't know what to expect from the finale, coming from this series, but I loved it. There was some kind of closure after all.

marwin836 (May 21, 2015)

Amazing ending of one of the greatest shows ever. Phonecall between Peggy and Don got me hard, also the session. Even that the show didn't end as I wanted, writers did a great job once again. So long, Don Draper.

nutman (May 18, 2015)

I loved it. I interpreted the ending as Don finding peace with who he is after so many years. He also --judging by the similarities between the hippie place and the coke ad-- went back and created one of the most famous commercials ever. What a great ending to a masterpiece of television.

Farewell, Don Draper and friends.

prognoz (May 17, 2015)

Me neither. Damn.

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