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An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are outraged that Karl has written off the Seven Wonders claiming they’re all “a bit s**t” having never seen any of them with his own eyes. They’ve thrown down the gauntlet to send him around the globe to force him out of his comfort zone. Stephen wants the experience to broaden Karl’s mind and change his outlook on the world. Ricky wants Karl to hate every minute of it for his own amusement.

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1x01 China
aired Sep 23, 2010


ForgotMyLines (Oct 29, 2015)

Karl isn't acting at all. He's is like this, which makes it so amazing and funny. The season with Warwick was the only was to end the show....His constant annoyance of him is perfect!

GuillaumeVMaele (Nov 13, 2013)

One of the funniest shows I've ever seen!

b0sse (Sep 11, 2013)

He's not acting. He's just being himself.
Karl Pilkington is seriously stupid, and Ricky Gervais loves exploiting that to humorous effect.

You should go watch "The Ricky Gervais Show". Super funny stuff with Karl Pilkington in focus.

nativefreaks (May 17, 2013)

@kakature And likwise, I say you just don't want to believe.

kakature (Apr 28, 2013)

Nah, I'd say you just don't know him :)

nativefreaks (Apr 28, 2013)

@kakature or you just want to believe he is not acting.

kakature (Mar 10, 2013)

@nativefreaks I guess you don't know Karl then, or you'd know he's not acting.

nativefreaks (Mar 04, 2013)

Season 3 was quite horrible. It was obvious that Karl was acting.

Ataraxis (Nov 09, 2012)

Twitter Exclusive: The new series of An Idiot Abroad with Karl Pilkington, Warwick Davis & Ricky Gervais, premiers on Sky, 30th Nov, 9pm. RT

Ataraxis (Apr 30, 2012)
kakature (Dec 27, 2011)

@digibron I'm also checking the XFM series out for the second time.

Funny how Ricky is desperately trying to get Karl on television/famous.
Now, 10 years later, Karl hasn't changed at all but he is pretty famous. I really love that.

digibron (Nov 06, 2011)

I'm still working my way through the old XFM series (I'm not even up to the podcasts yet - I'm a bit behind!) and it's great to see that so many years later Karl is just the same, making Ricky laugh just as loud. ;) I'm really enjoying the TV series, not just for Karl's awkward and hilarious reactions to things but because it's a refreshing look at travelling in countries that can be harder work than other travel shows make out.

kakature (Aug 30, 2011)

Straight from Ricky Gervais' blog: You may know already but An Idiot Abroad starts Friday, 23rd September (happy birthday Karl) at 9pm.

kakature (Aug 17, 2011)

You guys need to listen to the podcasts, even better!

curve (Aug 14, 2011)

@Frantic yeah :D

felixvdp (Aug 14, 2011)

just watched the first episode. Omfg, i havent laughed this hard with a tv show ever.

Frantic (Aug 13, 2011)

@curve Loved it when he said in episode 2 that you're better off being ugly, as you can look at other beautiful people, and the beautyfull people have to look at ugly you :D

curve (Aug 13, 2011)

in episode 5 he says he wants to see a tornado. Hopefully they'll make him see one in Texas in the 2nd season :d

curve (Aug 12, 2011)

yeah this is good. Just watched the first 2 eps lol.

Frantic (Aug 10, 2011)

Ok after I saw the trailer on Discovery Channel, I decided to give this a try, and I'm lovin' it! Steve = Genius.

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