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Who's the hero – who's the threat? When MIA Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody returns home to a hero's welcome after eight years in enemy confinement, brilliant but volatile CIA agent Carrie Mathison isn't buying his story. She believes that Brody has been turned and is now working for Al Qaeda. What follows is a dangerous game of cat and mouse with nothing short of American national security at stake.

Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patankin star in the provocative, suspenseful new Showtime Original Series HOMELAND, from Executive Producers of 24.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Oct 03, 2011


DKroot (Oct 07, 2020)

The last season 8 was awesome. Very crisp plot, good ending! Apart from season 1, I liked it the best.

m4t4 (Apr 28, 2020)

if i remember well season 3 was bad, seasons 5 and 6 decent, and the others were great. not easy this high quality in a long tv show. claire danes is awesome

BertDenolf (Mar 23, 2020)

@likwidsolutions yes keep on watching

likwidsolutions (Apr 23, 2018)

Is this show still good? I stopped watching after season 3 because of spoilers (if you've watched up to season 3 you know what I'm talking about)

b0sse (Dec 31, 2016)

Homeland.S06E01.720p.HDTV.x264-BATV just released

johnbeton (Sep 28, 2016)

@Denilson Was thinking exactly the same :) Some actions in S4 just don't make any sense.

Denilson (Dec 12, 2015)

S04 end was very bad imo. I was a bit curious, but S05 is very exciting so far!

cathwaitress (Dec 07, 2015)

@lizzyyvree 100% agree

Fenice (Dec 07, 2015)

No 5x10 on calendar? Or other bug? I have the release on TV Maze, man. Update the schedule.

lizzyyvree (Nov 26, 2015)

I really don't understand why people say it's no good without Brody... for me it's 1000 times better, Brody was annoying me in the end. IMO without him the series focuses more on the problems of terrorism etc rather than on weird love-thingy between Brody and Carrie. So if you like that kind of stuff and are not attached to his character I believe you will enjoy it as much as I do :)

mansemat (Oct 21, 2014)

The show without Brody makes it look like a little to no-action spin-off of 24 in a world where Bauer isn't the main character or the focal point.

alderaic (Oct 15, 2014)

4x01 4x02 I just hope it gets better, the "personal" sequences are really not needed/too much

likwidsolutions (Oct 09, 2014)

How is S4? I was a little disappointed with S3's ending. It was good if it were a final season, but just can't see the show without Brody.

retr0baD (Oct 06, 2014)

Season 4 double episode opener was really good. Looking forward to this Season.

vinexje (Sep 07, 2014)

@Thomly Thanks for telling other people what to do. Maybe not everyone shares your opinion

Thomly (Dec 16, 2013)

People should changer their rating after season 1. That 4.4 is not valid anymore. One or two good episodes doesn't deserve 5 stars.

rorypondicus (Dec 03, 2013)

season one was fantastic, sadly seasons two and three were just....not

az25 (Dec 02, 2013)

@kakature I understand that feeling. But, I highly recommend watching 3x10, if you enjoyed the action and CIA mission aspect of it. It was basically like a mini-movie this week.

kakature (Nov 26, 2013)

Stopped following this halfway season 3. It's just not interesting anymore. What a shame after a great first season.

az25 (Sep 30, 2013)

@BlackDynamite well, Showtime doesn't leak them. It depends, either it's an internal person, like an intern who leaks the unfinished copies, but the finished episodes that leak a day or week early are from a streaming service(s). Not sure from where, or if they even intend on having them available early, or if someone is just leaking them illegally. Either way, it's legit.

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  • Premiered Oct 02, 2011
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